Letters to State Leaders

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MMA letter to House members urging support for key budget amendments        April 22, 2014
MMA letter to the governor thanking him for filing supplemental request for charter school reimbursements        April 17, 2014
MMA letter to House members urges them to support municipal unemployment reform provisions in H. 3983        April 01, 2014
MMA letter to conference committee urging support for multi-year Ch. 90 commitment of $300M per year in transportation bond bill        March 18, 2014
MMA testimony on several bills before the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy        March 13, 2014
MMA letter to senators urges support of transportation bond bill with $300M per year for Ch. 90        March 06, 2014
MMA letter to Financial Services Committee expresses strong support for state flood insurance legislation        February 27, 2014
MMA letter urges senators to support water infrastructure bond bill        February 27, 2014
MMA letter to Gaming Commission calling for reversal of vote to divert casino and slots licensing fees        February 25, 2014
MMA letter to Ways and Means committees outlines revenue-sharing objectives for FY15 state budget        February 25, 2014
MMA comments to DPU regarding guidelines for siting of land-based wind energy facilities        February 20, 2014
MMA letter to Senate urges adoption of amendment to fully fund charter school reimbursements        February 13, 2014
MMA letter to House urges support for charter school and transportation funding in budget bill        February 12, 2014
MMA letter to Senate Bonding Committee urges swift passage of bond bill with Ch. 90 funds        February 11, 2014
MMA testimony to Senate Bonding Committee expressing support for water infrastructure bond bill        January 30, 2014
MMA letter to House members applauds their adoption of $300M for Ch. 90 for FY15        January 30, 2014
MMA letter to conference committee calls for state funding of any mandates in elections bill        January 29, 2014
MMA offers comments to Department of Energy Resources on proposed “Solar Carve-Out II” regulations        January 29, 2014
MMA testifies to Regulatory Committee in support of bill to allow RFPs for design, construction, financing and operation of water facilities        January 29, 2014
MMA letter to MassDOT urging inclusion of $300M Ch. 90 funding level in 5-year transportation plan        January 29, 2014
MMA letter to Public Service Committee urging rejection of legislation to change groupings for retiree benefits        January 07, 2014
MMA letter to governor outlines local government priorities for FY15 state budget        December 20, 2013
MMA letter to Bonding Committee urging inclusion of Chapter 90 in transportation bond bill        December 11, 2013
MMA testimony to Telecomm, Utilities and Energy Committee outlining objections to bills that would alter wind energy siting process        December 03, 2013
MMA testimony to Public Service Committee supporting unemployment insurance reform bill        November 25, 2013