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Can members of a board discuss official business in an informal setting?        January 15, 2009
What constitutes a quorum at a public meeting?        January 15, 2009
Can discussions among board members constitute a quorum if a majority of members are not physically present?        January 15, 2009
Are the minutes of an executive session subject to the Open Meeting Law?        January 15, 2009
Can audio and video recordings of meetings take the place of minutes?        January 15, 2009
Should we be doing quarterly projection reports?        June 30, 2008
What exactly is ‘free cash’?        June 30, 2008
What is a performance rights organization, and what is its role in public music performances?        March 03, 2008
Does every performance of copyrighted music in a municipality require a license?        March 03, 2008
Can a community use a surveillance camera to ticket red-light runners?        March 03, 2008
Must cities and towns wait until October to hold a hearing on introducing a split tax rate?        August 29, 2007
Do town managers in different towns have roughly the same authority?        August 29, 2007
How many cities and towns appoint their town clerks?        August 29, 2007
How many cities and towns have a split tax rate?        August 29, 2007
What restrictions are different for special municipal employees?        May 29, 2007
What is the 'special municipal employee' designation?        May 29, 2007
Are municipalities liable for the Free Rider Surcharge?        April 12, 2007
Will my municipality be assessed because we do not provide health coverage to all employees?        April 12, 2007
Are there income tax implications to the expanded dependent coverage?        April 12, 2007
Did the definition of dependent in Chapter 32B change?        April 12, 2007
Does the Health Care Reform legislation require broader dependent coverage?        April 12, 2007
Can a public employee solicit donations from individuals with whom he conducts official business?        May 31, 2006
Can a municipal department head hire a department employee to do work on his or her home?        May 31, 2006
Can a board member who owns a business review a subdivision application abutting the business?        May 31, 2006
Can health benefits be pro-rated for part-timers?        June 29, 2006
Are health premium contributions required for school-year employees in July and August?        June 29, 2006
What constitutes local approval of a home rule petition?        August 31, 2006
What happens if the Legislature fails to act on a home rule petition?        August 31, 2006
Can the Legislature amend a home rule petition?        August 31, 2006
Must every municipality undergo an annual audit performed by an outside firm?        March 31, 2003
Are the powers and duties of selectmen and town meeting defined in state statute?        March 31, 2003
When can we dispose of outdated municipal records?        March 31, 2003
What are the sizes of boards of selectmen in Massachusetts, and how many of each?        June 29, 2003
What is an underride?        June 29, 2003
If a debt exclusion ballot question does not specify a dollar amount, what determines its size?        June 29, 2003
How do you request an investigation of a percieved unfunded state mandate?        June 29, 2003
When is it necessary to submit a zoning map to the attorney general's office for approval?        September 09, 2003
When town meeting accepts a 'local option' statute, must it be submitted to the AG for approval?        September 09, 2003
Is there a time limit for posting bylaw amendments after approval by the AG?        September 09, 2003
Must personnel bylaws and amendments be submitted to the attorney general for review?        September 09, 2003
How can I obtain a copy of previous approvals by the attorney general?        September 09, 2003
May I require that a request for public records be made in writing?        February 29, 2004
Under Public Records Law, is it enough to respond, within 10 days, that I am gathering the records?        February 29, 2004
Does the Public Records Law require me to answer questions about my office?        February 29, 2004
Do board meeting minutes have to be approved before they can be made available to the public?        February 29, 2004
What's the difference between a .gov and a .ma.us Web site address, and how do we get one?        April 29, 2004
How many local government employees are there in Massachusetts?        April 29, 2004
Must every elected town official who receives some sort of payment be offered health insurance?        June 14, 2004
What is 'spot zoning'?        June 14, 2004
How does Massachusetts compare to other states in total tax burden? Are we still 'Taxachusetts'?        June 14, 2004