How many local government employees are there in Massachusetts?

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Q: How many local government employees are there in Massachusetts?

A: Local governments in Massachusetts employed 264,300 people as of March 2004, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the municipal (non-school) side, local government had 98,800 employees in March 2004, a decrease of 500 people from March 2003. On the school side, local government had 165,500 employees in March 2004, a loss of 3,900 employees (2.3 percent) compared to a year ago.

This data comes from the Bureau of Statistics’ Current Employment Statistics report (CES790), a monthly employment survey providing estimates of employment by industry. This data is available from the Massachusetts Division of Career Services/Division of Unemployment Assistance.

To obtain the most recent data online, go to Select the geographical area for which you would like to obtain data. Data is available for the whole state or by region. To access local government data, you must select “not seasonally adjusted.” Local government data is not available as seasonally adjusted data. Then select the industry sector of interest, such as local government or local government education. Finally, select the time period of interest: most recent month, most recent thirteen months, or calendar year to date. Data typically reflects a one-month lag time; data for April 2004 will be reported in early June 2004. Releases of the most recent data often include corrections to data from previous months.