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Gov. files supplemental budget bill to cover local costs

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The governor has filed a supplemental budget bill for fiscal 2013 that would cover the added costs of the special U.S. Senate elections and fully fund reimbursements to school districts for school aid losses related to charter schools.

The bill, filed on May 3, includes $12 million for the state and local costs of the special Senate elections in April and June, with an estimated $8.3 million available to reimburse cities and towns for local expenses, a cost projection that is based on an analysis by the state auditor. In 2009, the auditor determined that the state law establishing special elections to fill Senate vacancies is a state mandate subject to the provisions of the local mandate law and should be funded by the state.

The budget bill includes $8 million to fully fund the state’s estimated fiscal 2013 obligation to reimburse cities and towns for a portion of the loss of Chapter 70 education aid that is paid as tuition to charter schools, as required in the 2010 education reform law reimbursement formula.

The budget bill includes a provision that would clarify the limited bid exemption provision in the public records law, an important clarification that would avoid premature release of information relative to bids and proposals and real estate transactions. The MMA and others argue that this change would enhance the integrity of the process at both the state and local levels for taxpayers as well as for businesses and individuals who wish to engage in government transactions in Massachusetts.

The supplemental budget bill is currently before the House Committee on Ways and Means.
Written by MMA Legislative Director John Robertson