Local Aid and Finance

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Door opened to commercial casino bids in SE Mass.        April 22, 2013
Senate passes $800M transportation finance package        April 13, 2013
House budget proposal would boost local aid and school accounts        April 10, 2013
House passes $500M revenue bill, but delays Ch. 90 vote        April 09, 2013
Agencies sorting out impacts of federal cuts        March 25, 2013
Gaming Commission continues work on rules and process        March 25, 2013
MMA meets with Sens. Warren, Cowan to address local concerns        March 12, 2013
President points out how sequestration would harm economy        February 27, 2013
Legislature begins work on FY14 state budget        February 20, 2013
Governor’s budget calls for new revenues        February 05, 2013
House leaders move to protect $9 million for cities and towns        February 05, 2013
New Legislature convenes for busy year        February 04, 2013
Federal cuts delayed, but still loom        February 01, 2013
Liasson: More federal challenges lie ahead        January 29, 2013
Gov. Patrick to speak at opening session of MMA’s Annual Meeting        January 10, 2013
MTF: Mass. municipalities face long-term budget squeeze        January 04, 2013
Revenue hearing offers first look at fiscal 2014        December 20, 2012
Gov. announces mid-year budget cuts; seeks 1% from local aid        December 04, 2012
State revenue picture worsens, cuts expected        November 20, 2012
Many local programs at risk of ‘fiscal cliff’ cuts        November 20, 2012