Municipal Career Opportunities

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Title Created Date
Finance Administrator, City of Melrose        July 01, 2015
Technical Support Specialist, Town of Rockport        July 01, 2015
Town Accountant, Town of Holland        July 01, 2015
Building Commissioner/ Zoning Enforcement Officer, Town of Carlisle        July 01, 2015
Chief Financial Officer, City of Everett        July 01, 2015
Primary Operator for Water Department, City of Somerville        July 01, 2015
Staff Planner, City of Salem        July 01, 2015
Planner, Town of Framingham        July 01, 2015
Executive Director, Maine Municipal Association        July 01, 2015
Assistant Local Inspector, Town of Auburn        July 01, 2015
Dispatcher-Per Diem, City of Lowell        June 30, 2015
Assessing Director, Town of Chatham        June 30, 2015
Assistant Chief Waste Water Plant Operator, Town of Falmouth        June 29, 2015
Commissioner of Public Services, City of Pittsfield        June 29, 2015
Assessor, City of Pittsfield        June 29, 2015
Zoning/Building Inspector, Town of Plymouth        June 29, 2015
Finance Director/Treasurer, County of Barnstable        June 26, 2015
Administrative Assistant, Inspectional Services, Town of Cohasset        June 26, 2015
Procurement and Contracts Manager, Town of Cohasset        June 26, 2015
Public Safety Dispatcher, Town of Seekonk        June 26, 2015
Government Affairs Specialist, Metropolitan Area Planning Council        June 26, 2015
Junior Engineer, City of Fitchburg        June 25, 2015
Assistant Director of Engineering, City of Somerville        June 25, 2015
Accounting Analyst, City of Somerville        June 25, 2015
Commissioner of Health and Human Services, City of Worcester        June 25, 2015
County Administrator, Barnstable County        June 25, 2015
Executive Director, Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority        June 25, 2015
Town Planner, Town of Marion        June 25, 2015
Community Development Coordinator, Town of Framingham        June 25, 2015
Confidential Clerk #15-05-04, Town of Watertown        June 25, 2015
Chief Building Inspector, City of Revere        June 24, 2015
Municipal Engineer, City of Melrose        June 24, 2015
Assistant Assessor/Data Analyst, Town of Brookline        June 24, 2015
Compliance Coordinator, City of Newton        June 24, 2015
Coordinator of Boards and Commissions/HR Assistant, City of Newton        June 24, 2015
Community Development Director, Malden Redevelopment Authority        June 24, 2015
DPW Facilities Supervisor, City of Gloucester        June 23, 2015
Director of Council on Aging, Town of Dartmouth        June 23, 2015
Circulation and Library Assistants, Town of Concord        June 23, 2015
Building Superintendent, Town of North Reading        June 22, 2015
Staff Engineer, Town of Southborough        June 19, 2015
Assistant Director for Street Management, City of Cambridge        June 19, 2015
Assistant Civil Engineer, City of Newburyport        June 19, 2015
Assistant Director for Innovation and Technology, City of Boston        June 19, 2015
Principal Assessor, Town of Palmer        June 19, 2015
Information Technology Director, Town of East Bridgewater        June 19, 2015
Library Director, Town of Foxborough        June 18, 2015
Town Engineer, Town of Mashpee        June 18, 2015
Town Accountant, Towns of Leicester and Spencer        June 17, 2015
Director of Public Works, Town of Palmer        June 17, 2015