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Wetland enhancement helps city meet EPA standard        November 04, 2014
MMA conducting survey on local road funding needs        October 29, 2014
New rules further limit local water withdrawals        October 28, 2014
FCC’s wireless ‘collocation’ rules preempt local authority        October 28, 2014
Town curbs energy use by 14% without upfront costs        October 21, 2014
Town uses natural process to clean up brownfield        October 09, 2014
Superfund site in Billerica is transformed into solar array        October 07, 2014
Webinars examine local effects of climate change        October 07, 2014
FEMA expands Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program for dams, seawalls        October 06, 2014
EPA releases draft MS4 permit, begins comment period        September 30, 2014
MMA, local officials testify on proposed Clean Water Act rules        September 25, 2014
Housing Authority establishes net-metering deal        September 05, 2014
Law raises ‘net-metering’ cap by 1%        August 25, 2014
Congress patches federal Highway Trust Fund        August 15, 2014
Gov. signs $2.2B bond bill for range of environmental projects        August 14, 2014
Gov. signs water infrastructure finance bill        August 07, 2014
Legislature OK’s $2.2B environmental bond bill        August 06, 2014
Rural town of Leverett builds its own broadband network        July 21, 2014
Environmental bond bills go to conference committee        July 14, 2014
Water infrastructure bond bills would boost funding        July 14, 2014