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President’s budget would harm Massachusetts 03/31/2017
Our strong local-federal partnership is essential 03/01/2017
Education funding needs to grow in state budget 02/02/2017
Federal tax and infrastructure plans will impact cities, towns and states 01/02/2017
New marijuana law needs fixing 12/01/2016
Massachusetts needs to regain status as education funding leader 11/01/2016
Please join us for our fall Legislative Breakfast Meetings 10/01/2016
Boost needed for Ch. 90 local road funding 09/01/2016
OPEB reform must re-emerge as a top priority 07/18/2016
Senators should discuss zoning bill with local leaders before voting 06/01/2016
State should embrace integrated enforcement of clean water laws 05/02/2016
​EPA should engage with communities on MS4 04/01/2016
​One strong ‘municipal modernization’ bill would benefit all communities 03/01/2016
Local priorities to strengthen Massachusetts 02/01/2016
Ring in New Year with early Ch. 90 bill 01/01/2016
Public records bill must remain balanced and affordable 12/01/2015
Cadillac tax would harm communities, taxpayers and employees 11/02/2015
Public records law updates require care and balance 10/01/2015
EPA mandates could weaken municipal finances 09/01/2015
A good start for MBTA reform 07/15/2015
Local aid investments at stake in budget negotiations 06/01/2015
Congress stalls on transportation funding 05/01/2015
Mass. economy depends on key local aid investments 04/01/2015
Multi-year Ch. 90 bill needed now 03/02/2015
Local aid is more than UGGA and Ch. 70 02/02/2015
MMA’s Annual Meeting will launch action-packed year 01/02/2015
Top-down ‘deficit sharing’ weakens fiscal partnership 12/01/2014
Beacon Hill must commit to education funding partnership 11/01/2014
November and January are critical months for Ch. 90 road funds 10/01/2014
The future is ‘FutureStructure’ 09/02/2014


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