Letters to State Leaders

Title Datesort ascending
MMA letter to House members urges support for FY18 budget framework and key amendments 04/20/2017
MMA letter to conference committee urges quick action on Ch. 90, calls for multi-year bill 04/07/2017
MMA letter to Revenue Committee urges support for bills to clarify tax status of solar properties 04/03/2017
MMA letter to special committee on recreational marijuana calls for changes to address local control and state oversight 03/20/2017
MMA letter to Transportation Secretary calls for multi-year commitment to higher Ch. 90 funding level 03/16/2017
MMA letter to Transportation Committee urging Ch. 90 increase to $300M 02/21/2017
MMA letter to governor and legislative leaders calls for changes to recreational marijuana law 11/30/2016
MMA letter to conference committee outlines strong support for ‘municipal modernization’ bill 07/21/2016
MMA letter to Senate urging passage of economic development bill 07/14/2016
MMA letter urging Senate to support strong ‘municipal modernization’ package 07/12/2016
MMA letter to conference committee outlines municipal concerns and priorities in energy bill 07/12/2016
MMA letter to House Speaker opposing mandates in recycling and solid waste bill 07/06/2016
MMA letter to Senate Bonding Committee urges passage of bond bill with bridge funding 07/05/2016
MMA letter to governor urges support for local aid accounts in FY17 state budget 07/01/2016
MMA letter to House members expressing strong support for ‘municipal modernization’ bill 06/15/2016
MMA letter to senators opposes bill to impose new solid waste standards and reporting requirements 06/09/2016
MMA letter to Senate argues that zoning bill would override local rules and grant unprecedented by-right powers to developers 06/08/2016
MMA letter to conference committee outlines municipal priorities in FY17 state budget 06/01/2016
MMA letter to senators calls for support of budget bill and key amendments 05/23/2016
MMA letter to Environment and Natural Resources Committee urging support for DEP’s efforts to obtain delegation over NPDES program 05/17/2016
MMA letter to transportation secretary urging inclusion of $300M annually for Chapter 90 05/13/2016
MMA letter to Senate Ways and Means Committee on comprehensive zoning and land-use bill 05/11/2016
MMA letter to House members urges support for key budget amendments that invest in communities 04/22/2016
In letter to Senators, MMA urges support for amendment to provide for direct payments from the state to charter schools 04/06/2016
MMA letter to Economic Development Committee offering support for several local initiatives in governor’s economic development bill 04/05/2016
In letter to House Bonding Committee, MMA urges passage of small bridge program 03/31/2016
In letter to House Ways and Means Committee, MMA calls for multi-year, $300M Chapter 90 bond authorization 03/21/2016
MMA letter to Joint Ways and Means Committee regarding state budget 02/29/2016
MMA letter to Transportation Committee urges quick action on Chapter 90 and increase to $300M 02/24/2016
MMA letter to Municipalities and Regional Government Committee supporting 50 provisions of governor’s ‘municipal modernization’ bill 02/09/2016


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