Letters to State Leaders

Title Datesort ascending
MMA letter to Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee opposing cable franchising bill 05/18/2011
MMA letter to Municipalities and Regional Government Committee seeking changes to land use legislation 05/18/2011
MMA letter to Public Safety Committee supporting changes to trench safety law 05/05/2011
MMA letter to Senate urging passage of House’s insurance reform proposal 05/04/2011
MMA letter to Economic Development Committee regarding legislation to expand gaming 05/04/2011
MMA letter to the Environment Committee supporting e-waste bill 05/04/2011
MMA letter to the State Administration Committee urging support for wastewater bill 05/03/2011
MMA letter to the House calling for passage of municipal health insurance reform 04/21/2011
MMA letter to the Community Development Committee urging support for CPA bill 04/13/2011
MMA letter to Environment Committee opposing Public Lands Preservation Act 04/05/2011
MMA letter to the Bonding Committee urging support for Ch. 90 bill 04/04/2011
MMA testimony to Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets Committee urging passage of Ch. 90 bill 03/28/2011
MMA testimony to Joint Committee on Public Service calling for municipal health insurance reform 03/08/2011
MMA letter to governor and legislative leaders supporting SJC decision on ‘evergreen clauses’ 12/15/2010
MMA letter to legislative candidates calling for municipal health insurance reform 09/15/2010
MMA’s comments on proposed regulations governing the open meeting law 08/18/2010
MMA letter to House-Senate regarding wind energy siting reform 07/30/2010
MMA letter to House members outlining objections to wind siting bill changes 07/26/2010
MMA letter to the House Speaker regarding wind facilities siting 07/02/2010
MMA letter to House Ways and Means Committee regarding bill to establish Municipal Lighting Authorities 07/01/2010
MMA letter to House Ways and Means in support of electronic waste bill 06/11/2010
MMA letter to Budget Conference Committee regarding ‘plan design’ 06/07/2010
MMA letter to House-Senate Budget Conference Committee regarding FY11 budget 06/07/2010
MMA letter to Ways and Means chairs regarding ‘municipal relief’ bill 06/04/2010
MMA letter to Senators regarding fiscal 2011 state budget 05/25/2010
MMA letter to Senate calling for municipal health insurance plan design authority 05/25/2010
MMA letter to Senate regarding “municipal relief” bill 05/12/2010
MMA letter to House opposing land-use permit extension bill 04/29/2010
MMA letter to the House regarding the state budget bill 04/26/2010
MMA letter to House urging passage of, and amendments to, ‘municipal relief’ bill 04/23/2010


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