Letters to State Leaders

Title Datesort ascending
MMA letter urging the governor to sign ambulance payment legislation 08/01/2012
MMA letter to governor urging support for local accounts in state budget 07/03/2012
MMA letter to House urging rejection of energy bill provisions that undermine local property tax authority 06/25/2012
MMA letter to conference committee outlining local priorities for state budget 06/07/2012
MMA letter to Senate outlining local priorities for FY13 budget 05/22/2012
MMA letter to House regarding economic development bill 05/22/2012
MMA letter to House objecting to property tax provision in energy bill 05/14/2012
MMA letter to House regarding FY13 state budget 04/23/2012
MMA letter to Public Service Committee urging passage of unemployment insurance reforms 04/19/2012
MMA letter to EOEA raising concerns about Sustainable Water Management Initiative Framework 04/06/2012
MMA letter to Senate President urging caution on solar/wind tax exemption 03/28/2012
MMA letter to Transportation Committee urging support for Ch. 90 03/14/2012
MMA letter to Ways and Means urging changes to, and passage of, ‘muni’ light bill 03/01/2012
MMA letter to legislators re: transportation bond bill and Ch. 90 program 02/29/2012
MMA's testimony to House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means regarding budget priorities 02/23/2012
MMA letter to Health Care Committee urging passage of emergency services bill 02/09/2012
MMA comments on regulations governing aspects of the Municipal Health Insurance Reform Act 10/07/2011
MMA letter to House leaders supporting pension reform, with certain changes 10/06/2011
MMA letter to legislative leaders calling for rejection of ‘evergreen clause’ provision 09/12/2011
MMA letter to Ways and Means urging rejection of ambulance payment changes 09/08/2011
MMA letter to Utilities and Energy Committee calling for changes to wind siting bills 09/07/2011
MMA comments on proposed municipal health insurance regulations 08/04/2011
MMA letter to Utilities and Energy Committee supporting expansion of bottle bill 07/20/2011
MMA letter to Environment Committee opposing changes to Water Management Act 07/14/2011
MMA letter to legislators urging support for insurance reform plan released by conference 07/01/2011
MMA letter to Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy urging support for municipal electric bill 06/08/2011
MMA letter to Ways and Means committees urging passage of workable health insurance reform 06/07/2011
MMA letter to House opposing Public Lands Preservation Act 06/06/2011
MMA letter to senators urging them to oppose amendments to municipal health insurance reform 05/26/2011
MMA letter to senators urging support for health insurance reform proposal 05/23/2011


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