Letters to State Leaders

Title Datesort ascending
MMA letter to Senate regarding “municipal relief” bill 05/12/2010
MMA letter to House opposing land-use permit extension bill 04/29/2010
MMA letter to the House regarding the state budget bill 04/26/2010
MMA letter to House urging passage of, and amendments to, ‘municipal relief’ bill 04/23/2010
MMA letter to legislators calling for municipal health insurance reform 03/03/2010
MMA letter to legislators: Cities, towns and taxpayers need a resolution that level funds local aid 02/26/2010
MMA letter to Legislature on the govenor’s budget proposal 02/22/2010
MMA letter to House members regarding the House education bill 01/05/2010
MMA letter to Environment Committee in opposition to “Public Lands Preservation Act” 12/15/2009
MMA letter urging legislative support for expansion of bottle bill 10/07/2009
MMA letter to Legislature supporting bill to strengthen CPA 09/28/2009
MMA letter to state auditor requesting unfunded mandate ruling on ethics reform law 09/24/2009
MMA testimony before Education Committee regarding Readiness and charter schools 09/17/2009
MMA letter calling for state to cover special election costs 09/04/2009
MMA letter to Legislature regarding proposed changes to Water Management Act 07/28/2009
MMA written testimony on local franchising authority 07/22/2009
MMA letter in support of in-district charter school bill 07/22/2009
MMA letter to Administration and Oversight Committee supporting bulk purchasing bill 07/14/2009
MMA letter to Administration and Oversight Committee supporting micro-purchasing threshold bill 07/14/2009
MMA letter to Administration and Oversight Committee supporting wastewater treatment bill 07/14/2009
MMA letter to House Speaker urging support for Water Infrastructure Finance Commission 07/02/2009
MMA letter to governor regarding FY10 budget enacted by Legislature 06/24/2009
MMA letter to legislators urging rejection of flawed health insurance plan in Senate budget 06/03/2009
MMA letter to budget conference committee outlining local priorities for state budget 05/29/2009
MMA letter to Municipalities and Regional Government Committee regarding zoning reform 05/26/2009
MMA letter to Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee regarding wind energy siting reform bill 05/20/2009
MMA letter to Environment, Natural Resource and Agriculture Committee regarding electronic waste bill 05/19/2009
MMA letter to Senate urging rejection of record local aid cuts and support for sales tax increase in FY10 state budget 05/18/2009
MMA testimony to Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government regarding health insurance reform 05/12/2009
MMA testimony on recommendations of the Special Commission on Municipal Relief (H. 1971) and on an Act Strengthening the Commonwealth’s Partnership with Municipalities (H. 104), filed by the Governor 05/12/2009


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