Annual Meeting Workshops, Friday Session

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Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, 2-3:30 p.m.

1. Bridges and Culverts: Repair, Replace, Reconstruct
Room 204, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the MMA Policy Committee on Public Works, Transportation and Public Utilities

Aging infrastructure, such as small bridges and culverts, increasingly means big costs for communities. Panelists will give attendees a thorough understanding of the requirements for these types of projects and explore how communities can save on costs in the long term. The workshop will discuss the assistance that state programs can provide, as well as innovative solutions to capital project issues facing communities.
Tim Chorey is a stream continuity specialist at the Division of Ecological Restoration.
Patricia Leavenworth is chief engineer at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
Bob Penfield is the director of structures at VHB.
Andrea Llamas is the town administrator in Buckland.
MassDOT Municipal Small Bridge Program (1.5M PDF)
Managing Your Bridge and Culvert Infrastructure: Best Practices (7M PDF)
Bridges and Culverts: Repair, Replace, Reconstruct (1M PDF)

2. Developments and Initiatives in Municipal Finance
Room 210, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Division of Local Services

The Baker administration will discuss the state budget and economic outlook as they affect cities and towns. Division of Local Services staff will make presentations on a range of topics, including enhanced analytical tools; an update on the Community Compact Cabinet initiative, including observations from the 100-plus finance-related best practices; and a legislative update. A question-and-answer component will follow each panelist.
Zack Blake is chief of the Division of Local Services’ Technical Assistance Bureau.
Kathleen Colleary is chief of the Division of Local Services’ Bureau of Municipal Finance Law.
Michael Heffernan is the commissioner of the Department of Revenue.
Lisa Krzywicki is director of the Division of Local Services’ Municipal Databank and Local Aid Unit.
Sean Cronin is the senior deputy commissioner for the Division of Local Services.

3. District Management for Your Downtown Revitalization Effort
Room 202, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Selectmen's Association

Downtowns across the Commonwealth are experiencing a rebirth, using the balance of improved commercial and cultural space with an increase in housing to avoid the high and lows of the past. The only way to maintain vibrant, competitive downtowns, however, is with strong District Management, forms of which vary from community to community. This session will present the district management options for communities.
Sarah LeCour is director of the Amherst Business Improvement District.
Colleen Simmons is director of the Taunton Business Improvement District and Taunton Foundation.
Gin Wallace is executive director of Beverly Main Streets.
Ann Burke is vice president of the Economic Development Council of Massachusetts and has started four BIDs in the state.

4. Eight Minutes With a Highly Effective Manager
Room 206, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Municipal Management Association

This “speed-coaching” session will provide an opportunity for attendees to sit, one-on-one, with a variety of experienced local government managers and assistants to discuss career planning in municipal management. Discussion topics will include strategies for professional networking, interviewing for municipal positions, and tools and tips for succeeding in a first or new position. One hour will be set aside for eight-minute sessions with the “coaches,” followed by a 20-minute workshop wrap-up. This session is specifically for those who are interested in a career in municipal management or are new to the profession.
25 town managers and assistant town managers
Adam Chapdelaine is the town manager in Arlington.
Connor Read is the assistant town administrator in Easton.

5. Impact of Rising Health Care Costs on Municipalities
Room 201, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association

The cost for municipalities to provide health insurance to their employees and retirees continues to greatly outpace the rate that municipalities can increase revenues. This workshop will examine the impact of this issue on municipal budgets and to the core services that cities and towns provide, as well as present strategies to help mitigate the impact of continued rising health care costs.
Tom Vicente is an actuary and partner with Aon Hewitt.
Christopher Bailey is the MIIA health benefits trust manager.

6. Labor Law Update
Room 200, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the MMA Policy Committee on Personnel and Labor Relations

This workshop will update local officials about developments in labor and employment law over the past year. Major court cases and significant legislation from the last year will be covered, as well as administrative agency changes and new overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Phil Collins is a founding partner with the law firm Collins, Loughran & Peloquin.
D.M. Moschos is a partner in the labor and employment group at the law firm Mirick O’Connell.
Nick Downing is a senior legislative analyst at the MMA.
Workshop eligible for MIIA Rewards points
Labor Law Update presentation (896K PDF)
Lowlights and Highlights of Agency Employment Decisions Reported in 2016 (498K PDF)

7. Recent Developments in Addressing the Opioid Crisis
Room 209, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the MMA Human Services Council

One year after the publication of the MMA’s nationally recognized Opioid Task Force Report, “An Obligation to Lead,” the work continues on this important issue. This session will look at what steps cities and towns are taking to address the issue as well as how the medical and pharmacological communities are working to interrupt the path to addiction that commonly begins with a prescription.
Corey Belanger is a city councillor in Lowell.
Michele Matthews is an associate professor of pharmacy practice at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services.
Andy Robinson is the prevention program manager in the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services at the Department of Public Health.
Steve Turner is a police officer in Taunton and a founding member of the city’s Community Crisis Intervention Team.
City of Lowell - Municipal Perspectives on Combatting the Opioid Crisis (1M PDF)
An Overview of Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Prevention Programs (4M PDF)
Breaking the Back of the Beast: Pharmacy-Based Response to the Opioid Epidemic (5.5M PDF)

8. Succession Planning for Success
Room 208, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association

With a large portion of the municipal workforce retiring and dwindling applicant pools, communities must become more creative when cultivating their organizational team. A strong succession plan can be the key to success. Panelists will provide insight into how to develop your team through coaching principles that empower internal employees to succeed, as well as offer tips on recruiting strong leaders in your community as you face the retirements of long-term managers.
Bob Halpin is the town manager in Framingham.
Dolores Hamilton is the human resources director in Framingham.
Jon Wortmann is an executive and mental coach, minister, and speaker.
Vanessa Hale is the human resources director and assistant town administrator in Southborough.
Succession Planning presentation (54K PDF)

9. Understanding and Managing Stress
Room 205, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association

The news is full of messages indicating that stress is bad for our health, leading to heart disease, cancer and even Alzheimer’s. But what if stress is like exercising a muscle and makes you smarter, stronger, happier and more resilient? The latest science suggests that rather than trying to reduce, avoid or escape our stress, understanding and embracing it may be the secret to resilience and longevity. This workshop will cover the latest science and strategies regarding stress.
Cally Ritter is the training director for AllOne Health.
Lin Chabra is the MIIA membership training coordinator.
Workshop eligible for MIIA Rewards points

10. Water Infrastructure Funding Challenges
Room 203, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the MMA Policy Committee on Energy and the Environment

Over the next 20 years, there is an estimated $21.4 billion gap between clean water and drinking water investment needs and available funding. This gap will only grow with the release of the new MS4 permit to regulate stormwater. The Auditor’s Office will discuss the findings of its study on water infrastructure costs. Panelists will discuss the challenges that communities face in upgrading and maintaining their water infrastructure and will discuss opportunities and strategies for communities.
Thomas Champion is a policy research analyst for the Office of the State Auditor’s Division of Local Mandates.
Steven McCurdy is director of municipal services at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.
Jennifer Pederson is executive director of Massachusetts Water Works Association.
Robin Craver is the town administrator in Charlton.
Workshop eligible for MIIA Rewards points
MWWA - Building Support for Infrastructure Funding (2M PDF)
MassDEP - State Revolving Fund Program presentation (1M PDF)
Regional Stormwater Coalitions in Massachusetts (63K PDF)
The Cost of Water Infrastructure: Implications for State Policy and Municipal Budgets (3M PDF)