Annual Meeting Workshops, Saturday Session

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Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018, 2-3:30 p.m.

1. Boost Your Downtown With Better Parking Management
Room 201, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Municipal Councillors’ Association
It’s tricky to strike the right balance with regulations that create enough turnover of downtown parking spaces, but don’t drive away potential visitors. What works in one community may not work in another. Join an interactive discussion with officials from communities that have taken varying approaches to parking management. Learn how to hit the sweet spot for parking meter rates; determine whether meters are needed at all; set proper fine levels and time limits; implement commercial parking permits for employees; calculate the right number of spaces; and create wayfinding programs that direct people to underutilized spaces.
Denise Gaffey is the city planner in Melrose.
Jamie Hellen is the deputy town administrator in Franklin.
Connie Kruger is a member of the Amherst Select Board and chair of Amherst’s Downtown Parking Working Group.
Nathaniel Malloy is the senior planner in Amherst.
Sarah Kurpiel Lee is assistant director of transportation at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.
Improving Amherst's Downtown Parking presentation (2.3M PDF)
Franklin Downtown Parking presentation (3.9M PDF)
MAPC: Boost Your Downtown with Better Parking Management presentation (7.1M PDF)
Downtown Melrose Parking presentation (2.3M PDF)

2. Do’s and Don’ts of Municipal Social Media Policies
Room 202, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Municipal Association
Methods of communication between local government and residents have expanded to include social media channels. Having an official policy in place for the use of these platforms is necessary to set clear rules and expectations, and to protect municipalities and their employees. Hear from attorneys with municipal law backgrounds about how to navigate the First Amendment, the open meeting law and the public records law in regards to social media use, and learn from municipal leaders about how best to create and implement a social media policy for elected officials, volunteers and employees.
Nick Dominello is a principal attorney with the law firm Deutsch Williams.
Connor Read is the town administrator in Easton.
Caroline Thibeault is an associate attorney with the law firm Deutsch Williams.
Julie Jacobson is the town manager in Auburn.
Workshop eligible for MIIA Rewards points
Town of Easton Facebook Policy (10K PDF)
Town of Easton Social Media Policy for Employees (97K PDF)
Town of Easton Social Media Policy for Boards/Commissions (100K PDF)

3. Employment Liability Best Practices
Room 203, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association
Learn how to recognize and eliminate discrimination in the workplace. Get an overview of protected classes and learn how to handle complaints of discrimination and when to investigate. Hear an analysis of recent Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination decisions and cases to highlight mistakes that supervisors have made, the resulting consequences, and ways to avoid making these mistakes.
Lin Chabra is MIIA’s member training manager.
Workshop eligible for MIIA Rewards points
How Things Go Wrong, How to Make Things Go Right presentation (400K PDF)

4. GFOA Award-Winning Budget Presentations and Best Practices
Room 209, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Association of Town Finance Committees
Each year, the Government Finance Officers Association awards the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award to dozens of cities and towns in Massachusetts. Communities that win the award year after year have adopted sound financial policies and practices. Hear from officials in those award-winning communities about their experience, and gain guidance and tips on how to get on the road to winning your own award and improving financial operations.
John Coderre is the town administrator in Northborough.
Mark Milne is the finance director in Barnstable.
Ira Miller is a Finance Committee member in Sharon and president of the Association of Town Finance Committees.
GFOA Distinguished Budget Award Best Practices (1.8M PDF)
Northborough's Proposed Budget and Capital Improvement Plan - Fiscal Year 2017-18 (1.2M PDF)
GFOA Detailed Criteria Location Guide for FY2018 (229K PDF)

5. Leading the Way to a Thriving Workplace
Room 208, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association
What does it take to make a difference in your organization’s culture and the well-being of your workforce? It’s not what you might think. Successful companies and enlightened leaders build and maintain workplace cultures where people are freed, fueled and inspired to bring their best selves to work – and home – each day. They challenge the status quo and move from traditional wellness to an integrated approach, fusing organizational and individual well-being. Learn from decades of expertise about how to refocus your efforts to create and influence a workplace where everyone can thrive.
Dr. Rosie Ward is co-owner of Salveo Partners, LLC, a certified Judgment Index consultant, a certified valuations specialist, and a board-certified coach.
Wendy Gammons is the wellness manager for MIIA’s Health Benefits Trust.
Leading the Way to a Thriving Workplace presentation (7.7M PDF)

6. Municipal Law Update
Room 200, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association
Learn about significant developments in municipal law over the past year including key federal and state cases, new laws, and developing issues, and how the changes affect cities and towns.
Angela Atchue is president of the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association and a city attorney in Boston.
Jim Timmins is the city solicitor in Quincy.
Workshop eligible for MIIA Rewards points
Home Rule in Massachusetts presentation (3.6M PDF)

7. New Public Works Project Strategies
Room 206, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Highway Association
As municipal officials attempt to stretch their dollars to complete important public works projects in their communities, new strategies and technologies can help. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will provide information on its new Project Intake Tool, a GIS and project development tool for online project planning, mapping, data sharing and reporting, and the department’s other GIS services, including geoDOT local, open data portal, and inventory tools available to municipalities. This workshop will also cover the recommendations of the Special Commission of Utility and Municipal Coordination and best practices for roadway construction related to underground utilities.
Eric Johnson is the town engineer in Framingham.
Quinn Molloy is the GIS services municipal coordinator and spatial data and analysis team lead at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
Robert O’Brien is director of public works in Walpole.

8. Your Role in Making Your Community Healthier
Room 204, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association
Numerous programs are available that you can implement to help make your community healthier. Learn why you should consider including a public health chapter in your town report or strategic plan. Think critically about how smaller initiatives like medical waste disposal can help reduce the impact of the opioid epidemic. And hear ways that towns can prepare residents to live in healthier personal environments. This session will also explore some low- to no-cost solutions that can bring you closer to a healthier community, and resources across the Commonwealth that are available to help you achieve these goals.
Gerard Cody is the health director in Lexington.
Sam Wong is director of public health in Framingham.
Michelle Ciccolo is a selectman in Lexington.