Municipal Websites

The annual Municipal Website Awards recognize excellence in customer service, functionality, convenience and government transparency delivered by a municipal website. (Note: There are no website awards for 2021.)

Awards are presented in four population categories: under 5,000; 5,000-15,000; 15,000-50,000; and 50,000-plus. Judges choose one winner in each population category.

Judges evaluate municipal websites based on the following criteria:

  • Clear branding as the official municipal government site, with local government address and hours prominently listed
  • Intuitive navigation tools and organization of material
  • Robust search function
  • Current and timely information
  • Availability of public records
  • Mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive design
  • Resources for residents such as the ability to apply for licenses and permits, pay bills, order documents, and make suggestions
  • Tools to promote economic development (e.g., ability to obtain licenses and permits or view list of developable land and vacant sites)
  • Information about departments (e.g., key personnel, contact information, office hours, and department mission or purpose)
  • Use of social media and tools for online community engagement
  • Visual appeal and overall experience

The entry form, found below, must be completed by the community’s Chief Municipal Official. The entry deadline for the 2021 Annual Meeting was Oct. 30.

The following are the past winners of the MMA’s annual Municipal Website Awards.


Category 1: Revere
Category 2: South Hadley
Category 3: Groton
Category 4: Erving
Judges: Charles Blanchard, a former town manager in Palmer, and Donna VanderClock, a former town manager in Weston.


Category 1: The MMA did not receive any nominations this year in the category for cities and towns with populations over 50,000.
Category 2: Concord
Category 3: Littleton
Category 4: Ashfield
Judges: Carl Valente, a former town manager in Lexington, and Richard Reed, a former town manager in Bedford and former member of the MMA Policy Committee on Public Works, Transportation and Public Utilities.


Category 1: Lowell
Category 2: Woburn
Category 3: Hamilton
Category 4: Sherborn
Judges: Colleen Corona, former selectman from Easton and a former member of the MMA Board of Directors and president of the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association, and Dan Moore, a web developer and multimedia designer in Somerville.


Category 1: Boston
Category 2: Concord
Category 3: Weston
Category 4: Windsor
Judges: Jerrard Whitten, GIS/IT manager for the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, and Josh Ostroff, partnerships director at Transportation for Massachusetts and a former Natick selectman.


Category 1: Newton
Category 2: Chelmsford
Category 3: Ipswich
Category 4: Monterey
Judges: J. Catherine Rollins, director of policy for the city of Everett, and Halifax Town Administrator Charlie Seelig


Category 1: New Bedford
Category 2: Northampton
Category 3: Whitman
Category 4: Stockbridge
Judges: Former Amesbury Mayor Thatcher W. Kezer III and Amanda Linehan, communications manager at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council


Category 1: Newton
Category 2: Amherst and Holyoke
Category 3: Hanover
Category 4: Stockbridge
Judges: Tim Sullivan, Municipal Liaison, Massachusetts Information Technology Division, and Molly Goren-Watts, Principal Planner/Manager, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission


Category 1: Cambridge
Category 2: Westford
Category 3: Chatham
Category 4: Dunstable
Honorable mention: Amherst (Category 2) and Sterling (Category 3)
Judges: Samuel Tyler, President, Boston Municipal Research Bureau, and Carolyn Ryan, Policy Analyst, Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation