The New England Consortium of State Labor Relations Agencies will hold its 16th annual conference on June 21 to discuss the latest “game changing” factors impacting the world of labor-management relations.

The conference program will feature plenary addresses by distinguished labor relations and labor law experts, as well as several concurrent workshops on current and compelling topics. (CLE credit is available.)

Topics will include last June’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME, under which public sector unions may no longer charge agency fees to employees who are not union members, and public sector employers may no longer deduct agency fees from a nonmember’s wages without the clear and affirmative consent of the nonmember employee.

The conference keynote speaker will be attorney Sarah Cudahy, executive director and general counsel of the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board and vice president of professional development for the Association of Labor Relations Agencies.

The conference will be held at the historic Desmond Hotel in Albany, N.Y.

The conference early registration fee is $175.

For more information, including accommodations and how to register, visit or contact Robyn Golden at