The Office of Community Development is seeking a assistant facilities manger to work with our team to oversee the process of implementing a wide variety of capital improvement projects on behalf of the city of Lynn. Proposed projects include infrastructure improvements (i.e. sidewalk replacement, street restoration, installation of shade trees, antique lighting, and waste receptacles), park and playground improvements, facilities rehabilitation, building renovation activities including historic restoration, etc.

  • Works with department staff assigned to community facility activities.
  • Prepares grant applications related to public capital improvement projects.
  • Develops capital improvement budgets and prepares cost estimates for related projects.
  • Coordinates design and engineering activities related to public capital improvement projects.
  • Prepares specifications for prospective capital improvement projects and coordinates the public procurement process for these improvements.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and implements projects in a timely fashion based on federal HUD/city and state program requirements.
  • Attends public hearings, neighborhood meetings and workshops related to the delivery of community facility activities.
  • Serves as a clerk of the works to monitor the progress of community facility activities.

Preferred education and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s of landscape architecture or civil engineering
  • AutoCad, and Adobe Creative Suite as well as working familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Power Point.
  • Good communication skills and excellent writing skills in order to take on and complete grant applications and or specifications.
  • Experience with grant writing, cost estimating, tracking and maintaining budgets as well as site construction supervision and project management.

Salary Range:  $65,000 – $75,000

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