Wellesley Public Schools seeks a Director of Human Resources to lead the human resources office for Wellesley Public Schools. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree and five years of human resources experience is required. Experience in school or municipal human resources is a plus. The position is a 12 month position and reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations. Salary is paid according to a personal contract and is commensurate with experience. Job duties are listed below:

1.Acts as an advisor to administrators, managers and supervisors on issues related to employee discipline and employment for the purpose of ensuring consistent application of policy.

2. Administers a wide variety of personnel policies and programs (e.g. orientation, contracts, compensation schedule, etc.) for the purpose of conforming to district policies, relevant laws, contracts and agreements.

3. Advises the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent on a variety of employment topics/concerns for the purpose of ensuring he/she is current on relevant concerns.

4. Audit departments/school sites for the purpose of ensuring human resources practices are implemented as directed by District procedure, policy and/or state/federal regulation.

5. Collaborates with other district administrative personnel for the purpose of implementing and/or maintaining services and programs.

6. Collaborates with the District negotiation team, at the direction of the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent for the purpose of assisting district negotiation of labor agreements, developing proposals, and recommending negotiation strategy.

7. Coordinates activities of search committees and recruits, screens, and recommends employment of applicants as directed by the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent. Places advertisements and prepares postings, as appropriate, announcing each job opening in the district and soliciting applications. Ensures that the selection procedures comply with federal and state regulations and the union contracts.

8. Collaborate with the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to develop recruitment strategies to meet annual diversity goals set by the Superintendent. Track employee demographics for the purposes of annual reporting.

9. Develops, evaluates and updates Human Resources procedures and policies for the purpose of ensuring department is operating effectively and efficiently.

10. Directs annual production, distribution and payment of wage documents (e.g. contracts, wage notices, letters of assurance) for the purpose of ensuring employees are paid properly.

11. Directs certification processes (e.g. notice employees with certification changes/expiration dates/compliance with NCLB/Highly Qualified) for the purpose of ensuring licensed staff are properly licensed per state and federal regulation.

12. Directs compensation programs for the schools (e.g. classification of jobs, payment of wage, worker’s compensation) for the purpose of ensuring District compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.

13. Directs employee background checks including CORI, SORI and fingerprint processes for the purpose of ensuring District compliance with applicable state regulations.

14. Collaborates with the town’s Human Resources Department to ensure that employees are notified of insurance programs (e.g. medical, dental, voluntary short term disability, cancer,) for the purpose of ensuring open enrollment and COBRA conversions are held in a timely manner.

15. Directs overall substitute-teacher program for the purpose of ensuring adequate teachers are available on a daily basis.

16. Ensures that all work related injuries are properly reported, employees receive necessary safety information, medical treatment, and are returned to full work duties as quickly as possible.

17. Ensures Civil Rights compliance consistent with federal and state laws and regulations.

18. Implements personnel policies and programs for the purpose of conforming to relevant laws, contracts and agreements.

19. Interface with appropriate union leadership in order to properly administer bargaining unit contracts, with special attention to staffing, transfers, discipline, leaves, resignations, retirement, vacation, absences, and grievances.

20. Investigates grievances and/or complaints from or about employees (e.g. sexual harassment, pay and/or assignment disputes, etc.).

21. Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations to monitor position control for the District for the purpose of ensuring FTE allocations are within the District budget.

22. Maintain and update a complete file of job descriptions for the district.

23. Monitors all employee evaluation processes and plans for improvement for the purpose of ensuring highly qualified staff is retained by the district in compliance with regulation and policy.

24. Monitors department financial activity for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, expenses are within budget and/or fiscal practices are followed.

25. Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g. reports, memos, letters, policies, district calendar, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.

26. Recommends policies, procedures and/or actions for the purpose of providing direction for meeting the district’s goals and objectives.

27. Supervises personnel record keeping procedures for the purpose of personnel processes are in compliance with District, State and Federal requirements.

28. Oversees the programming of all HRIS software including but not limited to AESOP, Teachpoint, Munis, Novatime and Schoolspring.

29. Oversees the leave of absence processes ensuring compliance with state and local laws.

30. Collaborates with the Town’s Human Resources Department to ensure that unemployment claims are completed accurately and promptly. Attends unemployment hearings as needed.

31. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent and/or

Please apply via SchoolSpring: https://www.schoolspring.com/employer/jobs/job.cfm?j_id=3579110