Technical and inspection work related to the enforcement and interpretation of the Massachusetts State Electrical Code; all other work as required. Receives, reviews, and issues electrical permit applications. Inspects premises for which permits have been issued as the work progresses, and upon completion. Issues notice of violation for any permitted work inspected that is substandard. Coordinates inspections and appointments; maintains daily work sheet with inspection logs. Provides information on proper electrical requirements and other pertinent information to property owners, other town officials and electricians, and architects, attorneys, as needed and/or requested. Responds to inquiries from other departments, State Electrical Board, and local utility on electrical codes, accept requirements, laws and regulations.

High school graduation, with vocational electrical course work; ten years’ experience as a licenses Master Electrician; five years’ experience in the design and supervision of electrical systems installed for residential, commercial and industrial construction; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Special Requirements: Massachusetts Master Electrician’s License, Massachusetts Class D Drivers License, Department of Public Safety License.

For a complete outline of duties, minimum qualifications and requirements, please refer to Job Description available in the Human Resource office.