The town of Dartmouth is seeking a full time Public Health Nurse.

RESPONSIBILITIES: This position is responsible for the receiving, recording, and reporting communicable diseases as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health including the utilization of the use of MAVEN. Develops and implements health protection programs. Participates in the Bristol County Emergency Preparedness Coalition, Region 5 meetings and exercises. Attends and remains familiar with varied public health topics pertaining to disease. Routinely familiarizes with existing and emerging communicable diseases. Responds to inquiries from the public regarding reportable and communicable diseases. Conducts day camp, body art, tanning salon and food service inspections at locations with highly susceptible populations. Conducts food borne illness investigations with the health and sanitary inspector (sanitarian-food). Collaborates with school nurses within elementary and secondary education facilities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Degree in nursing, Massachusetts Registered Nurse Certification plus two years of part-time or one-year fulltime in public health nursing. Prior or current credentialing in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health MAVEN preferred. Must possess a Class III motor vehicle operator’s license required.

SALARY: $30.64 – $41.37 per hour

Applicants may submit a cover letter and resume to:

Personnel Department, Town of Dartmouth, 400 Slocum Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747

Or email to: