Retirement Assistant

Haverhill Retirement System

The Retirement Assistant manages the retirees’ payroll, including monthly processing and reconciliation, calculating the annual cost-of-living increases, and working with human resources to ensure proper (health and life insurances are deducted on behalf of each retiree). Generates year end 1099R’s for retirees, survivors and DRO’s. Works with retirees on a daily basis, aiding them with information for Social Security, housing, banking and other matters. Responsible for overseeing the 3(8)(c)’s for the Haverhill Retirement System and also supplying the Treasurer/Collector with the necessary information for health insurance billing to other towns/cities. This position requires the handling of confidential information.

Salary is $853.18/week-$1,109.45/week (per union contract (steps)) visit the retirement link for comprehensive details on the position. The Haverhill Retirement System is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.