Thank you for your interest in joining an MMHR committee. Please read each committee description below and use the form below to identify which ones you might be interested in serving on. Submitted forms will be evaluated and committee placements will be confirmed by September 2019.

The membership and outreach committee is here to support and honor those professionals who aspire to innovate, persevere, and maintain a level of respect for those who service others in the field of municipal government. This committee offers advice, information, and mentorship to the general membership of the association and assists in the solicitation of new members. The committee will initiate efforts to educate, guide, and encourage membership development.

This committee develops programs for all association meetings, seminars and conferences. This includes developing agendas and contacting and identifying potential speakers/presenters for the planned programs. It is expected that individual members of the committee will take on leadership roles in planning programs and may moderate on occasion. Special events like the Fall COnference may have their own sub-committee, but a member of the Program COmmittee shall be a constant resource, as well as the MMHR staff associate, conference and meeting planner and communications staff.

Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan Committee was founded in 2018 to produce the first strategic plan for the personnel association that was produced in June of 2019. The committee will continue its work by meeting every six months to ensure the goals and objectives of the strategic plan are being executed and implemented. They will also be called to assess the need for another strategic plan every five to ten years.

Fall Conference
The Fall Conference Committee works in conjunction with the Program Committee and the MIIA representatives to plan the yearly conference. Coordination of location, session topics, speakers, schedule, menus, and handouts. There are usually 3-4 conference calls for planning. After the conference there is a debriefing meeting to go over the results of surveys and finalize any remaining issues.

This committee reviews the bylaws of the association and meets as needed at the request of the association Chair.

This committee oversees the web based compensation survey system. The committee advises the board on software/service selection, reviews system operation and member participation, assess effectiveness, and makes recommendations for ongoing improvements.

This committee interviews and nominates potential board members. The committee completes its work in the summer and presents its slate of nominees to the general membership for a vote at the MMHR Annual Meeting each September.

This committee reviews all the financial transactions of the association over the past year. In addition, the committee, in conjunction with the MMHR treasurer, may work on financial plans for the association.

Skop Award
This committee convenes to oversee the Skop Award application and awarding process. This includes evaluating the application, distributing it, and reviewing submissions and selecting the award winner. This award is given annually by the association.

The technology committee is being created based off of the recommendation of the 2019 MMHR strategic plan. The technology committee is tasked with creating a way for members to engage with the association through technology in a user friendly manner. This includes webinars, LinkedIn, podcasts and other new media advancements.

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