Each city or town that is a member of the MMA is entitled to one vote at the Annual Business Meeting, under the guidelines established in the association’s bylaws [Article II, Sect. 6].

According to the bylaws, the person who votes on behalf of a member community must be:
• The chief executive or a councillor designated in writing by the chief executive of a member city; or
• The chair of the board of selectmen or town council, or another selectman or councillor designated in writing by the chair, or the manager designated in writing by such chair of a member town.

In the event that the designated official from a member community cannot attend, a councillor, selectman, or manager from that community can vote in the person’s place, but only with written authorization from the designated official. Those eligible voting officials who cannot attend the Annual Business Meeting and who designate someone else to take their place must provide written authorization.

Voting delegates may obtain voting cards at the credentials table before the meeting begins between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Only one voting card will be issued per member community.