MMA files legislative package for 2017-18 session

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On Jan. 20, the MMA filed a legislative package of 19 local government bills approved by the Board of Directors last November.
Among the MMA bills for the new session are eight new proposed law changes, including measures that would provide cities and towns with new local tax options and increased local authority over the use of municipal roadways by utility companies.
Refiled petitions include bills that would reform parts of Civil Service, return authority over the number of liquor licenses to local licensing authorities, and provide marketing assistance for local economic development campaigns.
All bills filed for the new 2017-2018 session will be assigned to a legislative committee over the next month or so as the two-year legislative session gets under way. Public hearings for bills will start later in the spring.
The MMA legislative package represents just a few of the hundreds of bills affecting local government that have been filed for the new session. MMA policy committees and staff will be evaluating these bills and preparing testimony and working with other local government groups on a wide range of bills over the next two years.
The full package, with summaries of each bill, may be viewed at