Local Aid and Finance

Title Datesort ascending
Legislature sends FY19 budget to governor 07/18/2018
Governor includes municipal, school aid in final FY18 budget bill 07/16/2018
SJC strikes Fair Share Amendment from November ballot 06/18/2018
House-Senate budget differences headed to conference committee 05/25/2018
Senate committee’s FY19 state budget adds to municipal and school aid 05/10/2018
House OK’s FY19 budget with higher local aid levels 05/01/2018
House, Senate add to FY18 spending 05/01/2018
House committee releases state budget bill with increases for local accounts 04/11/2018
As budget moves to House, MMA outlines municipal needs 04/02/2018
Lawmakers begin work on FY19 spending plan 02/28/2018
State adds mid-year spending as revenue picture stabilizes 02/22/2018
Gov. releases $40.9B FY19 state budget plan 01/24/2018
Gov. announces 3.5% increase in main municipal aid account 01/19/2018
Budget writers agree on 3.5% state tax revenue growth rate for FY19 01/16/2018
Experts forecast solid tax growth for fiscal 2019 12/14/2017
MMA Board discusses 2 revenue questions headed for ballot 11/22/2017
Congress moves forward with tax overhaul opposed by MMA, other municipal groups 11/21/2017
State finances still a work in progress at 1st quarter mark 10/26/2017
Health cost containment bill expected soon from Senate 09/26/2017
Shelburne develops TIF guidelines 09/06/2017
Lawmakers watchful as FY18 gets underway 08/22/2017
Revenue impact of federal health care changes loom 07/21/2017
2018 ballot to include Fair Share Amendment 07/21/2017
Governor signs final FY18 state budget after vetoes 07/18/2017
Legislature sends reworked FY18 budget to governor 07/14/2017
Uncertain fiscal outlook causes Legislature to send 1-month budget to governor 06/26/2017
Congress OK’s FY17 spending bill without Trump-proposed cuts 06/01/2017
Governor releases FY18 capital spending plan 05/31/2017
Senate OK’s FY18 budget, bills go to conference committee 05/31/2017
Senate budget plan offers key increases in municipal, education aid 05/16/2017


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