Public Works, Energy and Utilities

Topics include: construction, Chapter 90, solid waste, water and sewer, energy

Title Datesort ascending
MMA advocates for increase in Ch. 90 funding to $300M per year 12/21/2016
Solar project to reduce bills for low-income households 12/05/2016
Underground storage tank deadlines approach 11/29/2016
Fitchburg Main Street goes on one-year, one-lane diet 11/07/2016
Landscape may soon change for solar and net metering projects 11/03/2016
Statewide coalition forms to share stormwater resources 11/03/2016
178 communities implement water restrictions as drought continues 10/03/2016
DPU working on utility coordination issues 09/02/2016
DPS updates stretch and energy efficiency building codes 08/31/2016
Governor signs energy diversity bill 08/25/2016
Governor signs bill with $50M for small bridges 08/25/2016
MMA extends Chapter 90 survey deadline 08/25/2016
New Bedford mayor receives national climate protection award 07/25/2016
What customers need to know about purchasing electricity 07/25/2016
Conference committee working on omnibus energy bill 07/20/2016
Senate passes bill with solid waste mandates for municipalities 07/20/2016
House passes bond bill with $50M for new small bridge program 07/14/2016
MMA testifies in support of NPDES delegation bill 06/01/2016
MMA advocates for Chapter 90 increase in capital plan 05/27/2016
Administration pursues authority over NPDES program 04/29/2016
7 Mass. communities recognized for ‘complete streets’ policies 04/27/2016
Governor signs $200M Ch. 90 local roads bill 04/15/2016
EPA issues final MS4 stormwater rules 04/13/2016
Governor signs bill raising solar ‘net-metering’ caps 04/11/2016
House passes Chapter 90 bill; vote in Senate not yet scheduled 03/30/2016
MMA policy committee discusses NPDES delegation to DEP 03/28/2016
Municipal solar projects on hold as two programs reach caps 03/02/2016
MS4 permits expected in coming weeks 03/02/2016
MMA urges legislators to boost Ch. 90 funding to $300M annually 02/26/2016
Gov. Baker files bond bill with $200M for local road projects 02/12/2016


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