Twitter is part of MMA communications strategy

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Six months ago, on the eve of its Annual Meeting, the MMA entered the social media environment with the launch of its Twitter account (@massmunicipal).
In the half-year since, the association has published more than 800 “tweets,” on topics ranging from the state budget, Chapter 90 and the medical marijuana law to accomplishments by municipalities and local officials.
Here’s a sampling:
From July 9: “In testimony to Revenue Comm today, MMA opposes 7 bills that would cut into municipal revenues w/o local consent. [link to testimony]”
From July 8: “Easthampton Mayor Michael Tautznik honored as ‘Housing Hero’ [link] via @masslivenews”
The MMA is spreading its news to more than 700 followers, a number that continues to grow rapidly. Among its peers – state municipal leagues across the country – the MMA currently ranks in the top 12, even though it is much newer to Twitter, by comparison.
The MMA views the service as an important extension of its communications strategy – a way to provide timely updates to members and the media about developments and upcoming events related to local government in Massachusetts. A large number of legislators and state officials are following the MMA, so Twitter is an effective avenue for providing information about MMA positions on key local government issues.
MMA tweets have been “retweeted” by a wide range of legislators, state officials, local officials, and national and regional organizations dedicated to local government issues.
Twitter is a free service, but one doesn’t need an account to see MMA tweets. A special web page ( shows all of the MMA’s tweets, and a log-in is not required. Another way to reach the MMA’s Twitter page is by clicking on the “Connect with us” link on the left-hand side of the MMA’s home page.
Those with Twitter accounts are encouraged to follow the MMA (@massmunicipal) so that MMA tweets will show up in their news feed.
Twitter is easily accessed on multiple platforms (e.g., desktop computers, tablets and smartphones), so users can check their news feed wherever they are.
MMA staff will be available at the MMA’s Annual Meeting & Trade Show in January to provide more information about Twitter and the MMA’s Twitter efforts.