The Division of Local Services has changed the name of its Technical Assistance Bureau to the Financial Management Resource Bureau.

According to the DLS, the change was made to clarify the nature of the bureau’s services and to better reflect its mission to provide an array of projects, tools and instruction to communities across the Commonwealth seeking to improve their financial management practices.

For more than 30 years, the bureau has worked closely with cities and towns to increase operational effectiveness by promoting best practices related to long-term fiscal planning, budgeting, policies, internal controls, and technology. The bureau’s comprehensive Financial Management Reviews analyze local finance office functions, as well as overall administrative, budgetary and governance concerns, to provide communities with practical guidance and specific recommendations for improvements.

The bureau also offers trainings, hands-on tools, and other resources to assist municipal personnel in executing their day-to-day procedures. Strategic planning, benchmarking and financial analyses direct attention to opportunities for strengthening municipal financial operations.

According to the DLS, all of the bureau’s project reports, publications, analyses, tools and trainings are informed by widely recognized professional standards along with the collective wisdom gained from engaging with nearly every community across Massachusetts.

For more information, visit the bureau’s website or contact Zack Blake at