The MMA is a membership association representing the interests of the cities and towns of Massachusetts. Our members are the cities and towns, as well as their elected and appointed officials and municipal employees. These members include mayors, councillors and aldermen, selectmen, municipal managers, finance committee members, and personnel administrators from across the state.

The MMA is the umbrella organization for the following groups:

Massachusetts Mayors’ Association (MMaA)

Massachusetts Municipal Councillors’ Association (MMCA)

Massachusetts Municipal Management Association (MMMA)

Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association (MSA)

Massachusetts Association of Town Finance Committees (ATFC)

Other groups closely connected with the MMA include:

Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association (MMPA)

MMA Human Services Council (HSC)

• Women Elected Municipal Officials (WEMO)

Small Town Administrators of Massachusetts (STAM)

MMA member communities

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