The MMA Board of Directors is installed during the association’s Annual Business Meeting, held each January. The 2018 Board was installed on January 20, 2018.

The voting directors are selected by the following MMA organizations:

  • Massachusetts Mayors’ Association (MMaA)
  • Massachusetts Municipal Management Association (MMMA)
  • Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association (MSA)
  • Massachusetts Municipal Councillors’ Association (MMCA)
  • Association of Town Finance Committees (ATFC)

Melrose Alderman and MMA Board member Monica Medeiros speaks at a Meeting of the MMA Board on Nov. 13, 2018.

The most immediate MMA past president still holding local office is an ex-officio member of the board. The MMA executive director is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the board.

The MMA Board of Directors holds eight regular meetings per year in Boston, followed by a regular meeting of the Local Government Advisory Commission with the governor. The board also holds an annual retreat meeting. For information on the board’s activities, contact the executive director’s office at the MMA.

* Denotes Executive Committee member

Appointed Directors

Mark Hawke*
Mayor, Gardner
MMA President
Ellen Allen*
Selectman, Norwell
MMA Vice President/MSA Second Vice President
William Martin*
Mayor, Greenfield
MMaA President
Arthur Vigeant*
Mayor, Marlborough
MMaA First Vice President
Martin Walsh
Mayor, Boston
MMaA Second Vice President
Monica Medeiros*
Alderman, Melrose
MMCA President
Robert Logan*
Councillor, Waltham
MMCA First Vice President
Adam Chapdelaine*
Town Manager, Arlington
MMMA President
James Boudreau
Town Administrator, Scituate
MMMA First Vice President
Julie Jacobson
Town Manager, Auburn
MMMA Second Vice President
Jim Lovejoy*
Selectman, Mount Washington
MSA President
Paul DeRensis*
Selectman, Sherborn
MSA First Vice President
Ira Miller*
Finance Committee, Sharon
ATFC President
Mary McBride*
Finance Committee, Billerica
ATFC Vice President
Mel Kleckner*
Town Administrator, Brookline
MMA Immediate Past President
Geoffrey Beckwith
ext. 101
Executive Director & CEO, MMA; President & CEO, MIIA

Elected Directors

Steve Bartha
Town Manager, Danvers
MMMA District 4 Representative
Michael Bettencourt
Select Board Member, Winchester
MSA District 2 Representative
Stephanie Burke
Mayor, Medford
MMaA District 4 Representative
Cecilia Calabrese
Councillor, Agawam
MMCA District 1 Representative
Kathleen Conlon
Selectman, Milton
MSA District 3 Representative
George “Bud” Dunham
Town Manager, Sandwich
MMMA District 5 Representative
Ryan Egan
Councillor, Randolph
MMCA District 4 Representative
Claire Freda
Councillor, Leominster
MMCA District 2 Representative
Donna Holaday
Mayor, Newburyport
MMaA District 3 Representative
Thomas Hutcheson
Town Administrator, Conway
MMMA District 1 Representative
Mary Krumsiek
Selectman, Millbury
MSA District 5 Representative
Anne Manning-Martin
Councillor, Peabody
MMCA District 3 Representative
Isaac Mass
Councillor, Greenfield
MMCA Second Vice President
Jon Mitchell
Mayor, New Bedford
MMaA District 5 Representative
David Narkewicz
Mayor, Northampton
MMaA District 1 Representative
John O'Rourke
Selectman, Conway
MSA District 1 Representative
Alan Slavin
Selectman, Wareham
MSA District 4 Representative
Kevin Sweet
Town Administrator, Wrentham
MMMA District 2 Representative
Kristi Williams
Assistant Town Manager, Westborough
MMMA District 3 Representative
Mike Zwirko
Alderman, Melrose
MMCA District 5 Representative