The MMA Board of Directors is installed during the association’s Annual Business Meeting, held each January.

The voting directors are selected by the following MMA organizations:

  • Massachusetts Mayors’ Association (MMaA)
  • Massachusetts Municipal Management Association (MMMA)
  • Massachusetts Select Board Association (MSA)
  • Massachusetts Municipal Councillors’ Association (MMCA)
  • Association of Town Finance Committees (ATFC)

The most immediate MMA past president still holding local office is an ex-officio member of the board. The MMA executive director is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the board.

The MMA Board of Directors holds eight regular meetings per year in Boston, followed by a regular meeting of the Local Government Advisory Commission with the governor. The board also holds an annual retreat meeting. For information on the board’s activities, contact the executive director’s office at the MMA.

* Denotes Executive Committee member

Appointed Directors

John McLaughlin*
Councillor, Waltham
MMA President/MMCA President
Jamie Hellen*
Town Administrator, Franklin
MMA Vice President
Nicole LaChapelle*
Mayor, Easthampton
MMaA President
Ruthanne Fuller*
Mayor, Newton
MMaA First Vice President
Michelle Wu
Mayor, Boston
MMaA Second Vice President
Brendan Sweeney*
Councillor, Beverly
MMCA First Vice President
Lisa Blackmer
Councillor, North Adams
MMCA Second Vice President
Kristi Williams*
Town Manager, Westborough
MMMA President
John Mangiaratti*
Town Manager, Acton
MMMA First Vice President
Paul Bockelman
Town Manager, Amherst
MMMA Second Vice President
Andrew Hogeland*
Select Board, Williamstown
MSA President
Debra Roberts*
Select Board, Stoughton
MSA First Vice President
Jill Hai
Select Board, Lexington
MSA Second Vice President
Melinda Tarsi-Goldfien*
Finance Committee, Mansfield
ATFC First Vice President
Kevin Sullivan*
Finance Committee, Hanson
ATFC First Vice President
Adam Chapdelaine
ext. 101
Executive Director & CEO, MMA; President & CEO, MIIA

Elected Directors

Ted Bettencourt
Mayor, Peabody
MMaA District 3 Representative
Denise Casey
Deputy Town Manager, North Andover
MMMA District 4 Representative
Stephen Cavey
Select Board, Stoughton
MSA District 3 Representative
Lisa Feltner
Councillor, Watertown
MMCA District 5 Representative
Claire Freda
Councillor, Leominster
MMCA District 2 Representative
Josh Garcia
Mayor, Holyoke
MMaA District 1 Representative
Jennifer Glass
Select Board, Lincoln
MSA District 2 Representative
Christine Hoyt
Board of Selectmen, Adams
MSA District 1 Representative
Afroz Khan
Councillor, Newburyport
MMCA District 3 Representative
Aaron Langlois
Select Board Member, Oakham
MSA District 5 Representative
Andrea Llamas
Town Administrator, Northfield
MMMA District 1 Representative
Breanna Lungo-Koehn
Mayor, Medford
MMaA District 4 Representative
Kevin Mizikar
Town Manager, Shrewsbury
MMMA District 3 Representative
Irwin Nesoff
Select Board, Hull
MSA District 4 Representative
Mike Nicholson
Mayor, Gardner
MMaA District 2 Representative
Brad Riley
Councillor, Easthampton
MMCA District 1 Representative
Moises Rodrigues
Councillor, Brockton
MMCA District 4 Representative
Robert Sullivan
Mayor, Brockton
MMaA District 5 Representative
Kevin Sweet
Town Manager, Wrentham
MMMA District 5 Representative