The MMA is the ONE voice that advocates for direct aid and support for core municipal and public education services provided by every community in Massachusetts. The MMA’s advocacy efforts are focused on a single goal: Building strong communities in Massachusetts.

Lt. Gov Kim Driscoll (center right) talks with MMA President and Lexington Select Board Member Jill Hai (far left), MMA Vice President and Waltham City Councillor John McLaughlin (center left) and MMA Executive Director Adam Chapdelaine (far right) on Sept. 12, 2023 following a meeting of the Local Government Advisory Commission.

The MMA is active on legislative issues, executive branch decisions, and occasionally state-level court cases. The MMA reviews 3,000 pieces of legislation per year and testifies on about 100 bills.

The MMA fights for:

  • Critical funding for essential quality-of-life services (education, public safety, public works, economic development, libraries, etc.)
  • Local decision-making authority (so community leaders can shape their communities in concert with residents)
  • Full funding of state and federal mandates (e.g., special education, school transportation, charter school tuition, environmental regulations)
  • Fiscal and environmental sustainability

The MMA’s work results in more than $5 billion from the state each year in municipal and education aid to every city and town.

The MMA was the prime driver behind municipal health insurance reform, which saves cities and towns more than $250 million per year.

The MMA advocacy program is based on the work of policy committees comprised of local officials. Municipal priorities are endorsed by local officials at the MMA’s Annual Meeting each January.

The Local Government Advisory Commission, including most of the MMA Board of Directors, meets regularly with top administration officials to discuss issues facing cities and towns and to pursue a strengthening of the state-local partnership.

The MMA’s Legislative Division:

  • Files a package of MMA-sponsored bills for each two-year legislative session to promote local government interests
  • Analyzes and tracks bills filed with the state Legislature that could affect local governments, and works with national affiliates, including the National League of Cities, to monitor bills before Congress
  • Develops positions on bills and delivers testimony to legislative committees and executive branch agencies
  • Updates local officials on legislative and executive branch actions and involves members in advocacy activities such as committee testimony and meetings with state officials
  • Participates on special commissions and other policy development groups
  • Distributes Legislative Alerts to key local officials when the Massachusetts Legislature is in session

Featured Content

MMA Testimony

The MMA files testimony on municipal issues with legislators and legislative committees, the administration, and state agencies.

MMA Policy Committees

The MMA organizes and staffs policy committees that review and develop positions on local government activities that are the subject of state and federal government interest.

MMA Legislative Package

For each legislative session, the MMA files a slate of bills recommended by the MMA’s five policy committees and endorsed by the MMA Board of Directors.

Executive Director’s Reports

The MMA Executive Director writes a monthly column on timely municipal matters in each issue of The Beacon.

MMA Resolutions

The MMA’s membership meets in January each year to adopt resolutions that guide the association’s advocacy efforts and identify municipal priorities and positions on key issues. These resolutions are generated by the association’s policy committees.

MMA Policies

The MMA’s policies, adopted by the membership, guide the staff, Board of Directors, and representatives of the association in their work, including actions of the Board on specific legislative proposals.

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