For more than 20 years, the MMA’s MunEnergy program has been helping Massachusetts cities, towns and government entities stabilize energy costs and simplify energy management.

What can MunEnergy do for you? The MMA’s trusted program partner, Constellation, has built a special website exclusively for Massachusetts municipal energy managers to explain the many benefits.

MunEnergy offers greater flexibility and cost savings for cities and towns to manage their energy usage. The energy professionals at Constellation work with municipalities to manage electricity costs for the long-term. Constellation is also on the forefront of sustainability programs.

As an MMA member, you have exclusive access to this vetted, sponsored program. MunEnergy has helped more than 120 Massachusetts cities, towns and other government entities.

MunEnergy also offers a natural gas program, for which Constellation is the endorsed supplier. The program offers members guaranteed pricing on multiyear contracts for municipal buildings, 55-day payment terms, and pre-approved contract language that’s specific for the needs of cities and towns.

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MunEnergy offers:

  • Competitive energy prices
  • Flexible, customized energy plans
  • Fixed-rate, multi-year contracts
  • MMA-approved contract language
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated energy representatives
  • Customer service excellence

MunEnergy’s free Peak Response program notifies members about peak demand times and provides energy-saving tips to reduce usage during these times, which may lead to cost savings in the year ahead.

MMA Deputy Executive Director Katie McCue discusses partnership with Constellation on MunEnergy Program

Somerset Town Administrator Richard Brown discusses his town’s success with the MunEnergy program.

Stabilize energy costs. Simplify energy management. Join the MMA’s MunEnergy program.

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Energy Market Update presentation – Oct. 6, 2022
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Constellation Peak Response: Lower Electricity Bills through Innovative Curtailment Solution (1.5M PDF)

Constellation, a national energy leader with significant expertise in the energy market, is the endorsed energy supplier for the MunEnergy program. Constellation offers the stability of fixed-rate, guaranteed pricing on multi-year electricity contracts. The contract language is clear, simple and pre-approved by the MMA. And Constellation provides knowledgeable and dedicated energy representatives. They offer customized solutions developed specifically for your community, tailoring a plan to meet your budget goals. And every contract is backed by the best customer service in the industry.

As the leading national retail energy supplier, Constellation has the power of financial strength and stability. Constellation has been in the business since the beginning of the competitive energy marketplace, so they know how to best meet all your electricity needs. Quickly. Honestly. And with integrity. Constellation  offers you the power to choose your energy supplier now, and well into the future. The buying power of MunEnergy is the power of Constellation.

• See our article from the MMA’s Municipal Advocate: “10 Simple Strategies for Reducing Municipal Energy Costs” (1.5M PDF)

What’s New:

In 2018, MunEnergy celebrated its 20th anniversary.