With the hot, summer months on the horizon, the MMA’s MunEnergy program is helping its member communities prepare for the spike in energy costs that often arise in warmer months.

The Peak Response program is a free, voluntary program for MunEnergy members. It notifies members of peak demand times, such as especially hot days, and provides them with energy-saving tips to reduce their usage during those times. Examples include turning off lights and monitoring air conditioning in municipal buildings that are not being used in the summer months.

Summer energy usage has a direct impact on rates for the subsequent year, so reducing energy use at peak times may result in savings.

Constellation, the endorsed energy supplier for the MunEnergy program, also offers the Efficiency Made Easy program to MunEnergy communities. Efficiency Made Easy allows communities to fund the cost of energy-saving programs through their utility bills.

MunEnergy offers members competitive pricing on multi-year contracts for municipal buildings and pre-approved contract language that’s specific for the needs of cities and towns. The program celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2018.

Constellation’s energy experts offer a variety of educational opportunities to local officials. The MunEnergy program runs periodic educational seminars and is available to meet with municipal decision makers in their communities to discuss managing energy costs.

For more information, and to view a webinar on Peak Response and the outlook for the 2019 summer months, visit www.mma.org/munenergy, or contact Katie McCue at the MMA at 617-426-7272, ext. 111, or kmccue@mma.org.

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