Wanda MillerCharlotte DiogoTwo of Constellation’s experienced business development managers, Charlotte Diogo and Wanda Miller, are now dedicated to the MMA’s MunEnergy program.

“Charlotte and Wanda’s familiarity with the Massachusetts energy market and dedication to customer service will make them valuable contributors to the MunEnergy program,” said Bill Bartlett, senior association manager at Constellation.

Diogo and Miller have focused expertise to help customers develop a comprehensive energy strategy.

Diogo has worked with a number of municipalities on their custom energy strategy, including electricity, demand response and natural gas. She lives in Swansea and works with the Southeastern and Northeastern Massachusetts areas. She has worked at Constellation for nine years.

Miller brings 14 years of energy experience to MunEnergy. She is currently working with communities in central and western Massachusetts to help them develop energy strategies.

Since 1998, the MMA’s MunEnergy program has worked with cities and towns to provide competitive energy prices, budget stability, and customized energy solutions. The MMA works diligently with Constellation, its endorsed energy supplier, to continuously improve service to members.

For any questions or to discuss specifics of your account, Charlotte Diogo may be contacted at (617) 772-7524 or charlotte.diogo@constellation.com, and Wanda Miller may be contacted at (603) 263-6908 or wanda.miller@constellation.com.