Constellation, the endorsed energy supplier for the MMA’s MunEnergy program, has been named 2018-19 Supplier of the Year by The Energy Professionals Association.

The award recognizes the TEPA member company with the most comprehensive, innovative and strategic vision for competitive electricity and natural gas markets. It also takes into consideration the company’s customer service reputation among its customers and employees.

TEPA announced the designation at its 13th annual conference on Sept. 20.

TEPA National Board President Andrew Barth said, “This recognition is a testament to the company’s great work and their team’s efforts to make energy choice a positive experience for their customers.”

Constellation Retail President Mark Huston said, “This award directly aligns with Constellation’s continuous efforts to provide our customers with a positive, effortless experience.”

Through the MunEnergy program, Constellation’s energy professionals work with local leaders to manage electricity costs for the long-term. Constellation is also on the forefront of sustainability programs.

Now in its 20th year, MunEnergy has helped more than 120 Massachusetts cities, towns and other government entities stabilize energy costs and simplify energy management.

TEPA, established in 2005, is a nonprofit organization comprised of independent energy aggregators, brokers and consultants, as well as energy suppliers and other energy-related entities, seeking the advancement of fair, competitive energy markets. For more information about TEPA, visit