In 1998, the MMA and Constellation, then named National Energy Choice, launched a program to help cities and towns understand their options in the new world of a restructured electricity marketplace.

MunEnergy was formed to help cities and towns with electricity procurement strategies. Over 20 years, through the support of a trusted partner in Constellation, the innovative program has helped more than 120 Massachusetts cities, towns and government entities to manage their energy usage and budget, incorporate green energy into their portfolio, and become more knowledgeable about the ever-changing energy market.

To recognize the 20-year anniversary of this relationship, MunEnergy is rolling out a new benefit to MMA member cities and towns. Effective on Jan. 1, the Green REC Incentive Program (aka “GRIP”) will be available through the signing (new or renewal) of a MunEnergy contract with a minimum of a 12-month term. Constellation will purchase Green-e Certified RECs to offset 100 percent of the “brown” power usage at city or town hall for the length of the contract.

The GRIP municipality will still pay its usual electric bill, and Constellation will purchase the RECs, thus “greening” the city or town hall and helping to sustain the renewable market.

The MMA and Constellation are proud to offer this unique program benefit to MMA members as we celebrate this 20-year relationship. This new benefit enhances the existing provisions of the fully vetted municipal energy contract for cities and towns.

To learn more about the benefits of the MunEnergy program, stop by the Constellation booth, located next to the MMA booth, at the MMA Annual Meeting & Trade Show on Jan. 19 and 20.

For more information about MunEnergy, contact Katie McCue at (617) 426-7272, ext. 111, or