The MunEnergy team at Constellation presented a virtual energy session on Oct. 6 to help local officials manage expected high energy costs this winter.

The MMA’s MunEnergy program is preparing to help cities and towns manage what are expected to be very high energy costs this winter.

On Oct. 6, the MunEnergy team at Constellation presented a virtual energy session for local officials from around the Commonwealth. The session, led by Commodities Principal Brandon Fong, focused on the factors influencing energy costs and what municipalities can do to help manage them.

“Fuel security risks in New England during the winter continue to be an issue in the region, as physical constraints on the natural gas pipeline bringing supply to the region can create an imbalance of supply and demand during prolonged periods of cold,” Fong said. “These imbalances create price spikes and tremendous market volatility.

“There are an unlimited number of strategies the MunEnergy team can provide that can fit your city or town’s energy procurement risk/reward tolerances — even in an extremely elevated and risky price environment such as the one we are experiencing today.”

For more than two decades, the MMA’s MunEnergy program has helped cities and towns stabilize energy costs, simplify energy management, and introduce sustainable energy options. The MunEnergy contract, designed exclusively for municipalities and government agencies, is vetted by MMA energy experts and tailored to fit the needs of communities.

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