Kathryn Cannie from Public Agency Retirement Services leads a Learning Lab workshop on trends in investing, managing and funding retiree health care during the 2018 Annual Meeting & Trade Show.

The MMA is doubling the number of Learning Lab exhibitor workshops at the 2019 Annual Meeting & Trade Show, providing even more opportunities to hear from experts on a variety of topics.

The Learning Lab program will be held in the Auditorium on Saturday, Jan. 19. Sessions will be 30 minutes long.

The following is the list of titles:
Charters: Adoption and Amendment, presented by KP Law

Economic and Social Impact of Local Cultural Councils and Arts and Culture on Communities, presented by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Energy Efficiency Made Easy for Municipalities, presented by Constellation

Introduction to DLS Safety Standards: OSHA for the Public Sector, presented by the MMA’s MIIA program and the Department of Labor Services

Optimizing Roadway Assessments with GIS Analytics, presented by Street Scan

Risk-Based Water and Sewer Rates: A Guide for Informed Decision Making, presented by Tighe & Bond

Taking Cooperative Procurement to the Next Level, presented by Omnia Partners Public Sector

Ten Essential Tips for a Successful Infrastructure Project, presented by Green International Affiliates

The Massachusetts Small MS4 General Permit, presented by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Statewide Stormwater Coalition

Up-To-Date Information on the Local Mandate Law, presented by the State Auditor’s Division of Local Mandates

Details about Learning Lab sessions will be available at www.mma.org as well as the MMA Annual Meeting & Trade Show app and the Annual Meeting Program Book.

The list of Trade Show exhibitors will be available on the MMA website and the MMA Annual Meeting app in December. The MMA website has the latest information about the 2019 MMA Annual Meeting & Trade Show.

Contact: MMA Advertising and Trade Show Manager Karen LaPointe at 617-426-7272, ext. 154, or klapointe@mma.org