On Dec. 15, the administration announced that $100 million for municipal roads and bridges approved in the fiscal 2024 state budget is now available to cities and towns.

The allocation is funded through a voter-approved surtax on annual incomes above $1 million, which must be spent on transportation and education programs.

Program funding has been added to municipal Chapter 90 accounts and may be used for projects that are eligible under Chapter 90, including construction, preservation, and improvement of municipal roads and bridges. The apportionment is automatically incorporated into each municipality’s existing Chapter 90 contract with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, with no further action required by the municipality.

MassDOT has sent letters to each municipality certifying its apportionment for the current fiscal year. Allocations are distributed based on two formulas: $50 million is distributed based on the existing Chapter 90 program formula, which takes into account population, road miles and employment; and $50 million is distributed based on road miles alone.

Apportionments for each community are listed on the MassDOT website.

The $100 million in supplemental funding comes in addition to $200 million for the Chapter 90 program and a new $25 million rural roads program approved for fiscal 2024. Details about disbursements for the rural roads program are still being determined.

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