A new climate action media campaign encourages residents to shift behaviors and lessen environmental impacts.

The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has launched a statewide media campaign intended to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change, as well as opportunities for individual and collective action.

The goal of the “Everyone Can Take Climate Action” campaign is to provide resources to help residents shift behaviors to mitigate their environmental impacts.

The campaign’s sections highlight strategies for various areas of everyday life:
• In Your Home addresses home energy assessments, weatherization, air-source heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, leveraging income-based energy assistance programs and federal tax credits for home improvements, and managing flooding and stormwater.
• On the Go focuses on the transportation sector, which accounts for a significant portion of carbon emissions, by addressing electric vehicle adoption and the buildout of necessary charging infrastructure, and highlighting how public transportation, bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters reduce individual and collective emissions.
• From the Sun promotes residential solar energy or subscribing to a local community solar farm, both of which advance clean energy and reduce electricity bills.
• In Your Yard promotes planting and maintaining trees to remove carbon emissions from the air, provide shade, and store water to reduce inland flooding.

Resources on the Everyone Can Take Climate Action website include information about regional impacts of climate change, statewide climate plans, and community and statewide resilience initiatives.

MMA climate webinars
The MMA is hosting its own “Inspiring Climate Action” webinar series throughout 2024 to explore how climate change impacts municipalities and how municipal officials and staff can take action.

The first three webinars, held on March 26 and April 18 and 30, are available through MMA On-Demand (requires login) or on www.mma.org:
Inspiring Climate Action: A Fireside Chat With Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer
Inspiring Climate Action: From Planning to Practice
Inspiring Climate Action: Effective Community Engagement Strategies

Upcoming webinars will focus on how municipalities can promote climate resilience and mitigation work, as well as decarbonization efforts, stretch and specialized energy codes, and more.

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