Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito discusses the Community Compact Cabinet programs during a meeting of the Local Government Advisory Commission on Sept. 13.

Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito recently announced that the fiscal 2023 state budget and the state’s fiscal 2023 Capital Investment Program provide funding for the full suite of Community Compact Cabinet programs: the Best Practices Program, IT Grant Program, Efficiency and Regionalization Grant Program, and Municipal Fiber Grant Program.

In the Best Practices Program, municipalities enter into a voluntary, mutual agreement with the Commonwealth to identify and implement up to two best practices from the following areas: diversity, equity and inclusion, education, energy and the environment, financial management, housing and economic development, human resources, information technology, public accessibility, public health, and age and dementia friendly. The Best Practices Program opened on Aug. 15 and remains open until available funds are exhausted.

The Efficiency and Regionalization Grant Program offers financial support to government entities interested in implementing regionalization and other efficiency initiatives that enable long-term sustainability. The application period for fiscal 2023 opens on Oct. 10 and closes on Nov. 10 at noon.

The IT Grant Program is focused on driving innovation and transformation locally via investments in technology. The application period for fiscal 2023 opened on Sept. 6 and closes on Oct. 7 at noon.

With a similar focus on technology, the Municipal Fiber Grant Program is designed to assist municipalities with the construction of municipal fiber infrastructure and related projects and expenditures. The application period for the fiscal 2023 will open on March 15, 2023, and close on April 14, 2023, at noon.

The CCC, created by the Baker-Polito administration’s first executive order in January 2015, was established to elevate the administration’s partnerships with local officials, to champion municipal interests across state government, and to develop mutual standards and best practices for both the state and municipalities.

Since the administration launched the signature CCC program — Best Practices — all 351 communities in the Commonwealth have entered into a Community Compact, and more than 740 grants totaling $14.7 million have been awarded in support of more than 1,175 chosen best practices.

To date, the IT Grant Program has awarded 364 grants totaling $19.2 million in support of more than 300 municipalities and school districts.

The Efficiency and Regionalization Grant Program has given 86 grants totaling more than $7 million in support of 250 municipalities and school districts.

The Municipal Fiber Grant Program, introduced last year, led to awarding 71 grants totaling $13.2 million in support of 86 municipalities and school districts.

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