The Honorable William Straus
The Honorable Brendan Crighton
The Honorable Danielle Gregoire
The Honorable Nick Collins
The Honorable Norman Orrall
The Honorable Patrick O’Connor
Conference Committee on H. 4919/S. 3016, An Act Relative to Massachusetts Transportation Resources and Climate (MassTRAC)
State House, Boston

(Delivered electronically)

Dear Chair Straus, Chair Crighton, and Distinguished Members of the Conference Committee,

On behalf of cities and towns across the state, the Massachusetts Municipal Association expresses our appreciation to each of you for your ongoing work in support of the well-being of the Commonwealth. In particular, we appreciate your partnership in providing cities and towns with necessary state resources to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

As you gather to reconcile the differences in H. 4916 and S. 3016, An Act Relative to Massachusetts Transportation Resources and Climate (MassTRAC), we offer our strong support for this transformative legislation. Both versions of MassTRAC outline key capital investments while also providing the authorizations necessary to ensure that Massachusetts can fully leverage the historic federal aid offered by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). This bill is absolutely essential to unlock economic opportunity by authorizing the resources necessary to maintain a robust and resilient transportation infrastructure that will prioritize access and safety for all users while minimizing negative effects on the environment.

The MMA supports funding for regional transit authorities (RTAs), the MBTA, electric vehicle charging stations, and vital investments that directly benefit our municipalities. We specifically applaud the inclusion of $85 million for non-federally funded roads and $55 million for municipal grant programs. We further support the goals of the proposed mobility pricing commission to study necessary funding to support regionally equitable public transportation while mobilizing investments in a comprehensive transportation infrastructure system.

As municipalities continue to navigate today’s challenges — the effects of climate change, increased costs and inflation, and the existing challenges from the pandemic — this legislation is essential. MassTRAC will enable rapid and extensive improvements in our transportation system, an essential element to facilitating sustainable and resilient economic recovery in all parts of the Commonwealth.

Please do not hesitate to have your office contact me or MMA Legislative Analyst Adrienne Núñez at at any time if you have any questions. Our cities and towns thank you for your thoughtful attention to this important legislation and for your overall dedication and support.


Geoffrey C. Beckwith
MMA Executive Director & CEO