Dear Senator,

As the end of the formal legislative session nears and you prepare to debate several important bills, we offer our sincere appreciation to each of you for your thoughtful leadership and ongoing partnership with cities and towns. The past several years have brought significant challenges and uncertainty for municipalities. Your continued support has ensured that local governments are able to provide necessary services to keep our communities safe and healthy.

Today, we write to express support for S. 2989, An Act relative to Massachusetts’s transportation resources and climate. On behalf of all cities and towns across the state, the MMA offers our strong support for this sweeping transportation bond bill. S. 2989 would ensure that the Commonwealth is in good standing to receive the extraordinary federal aid authorized through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), while also funding key capital investments necessary to maintain a vibrant state transportation infrastructure that will meet the needs of today and the future.

The MMA supports the key focus of this bill: to ensure the Commonwealth will fully leverage the federal aid offered in BIL. As well, we applaud the inclusion of vital funding for non-federally funded roads and critical municipal grant programs. We also support the inclusion of much-needed investment in regional transit authorities (RTAs), the MBTA, electric vehicle charging stations, and many targeted investments that directly benefit cities and towns.

As you consider the numerous amendments to this bill, please keep in mind the growing economic and fiscal challenges our cities and towns are facing. This transportation bond bill is an essential vehicle to enable sweeping improvements and expansion of our statewide transportation system, securing necessary funding and authorizations to maintain and expand a robust, multi-modal transportation network that prioritizes equity, access, safety and the environment.

With your leadership, Massachusetts has been a national leader in navigating the pandemic, stabilizing our economy, and investing for the growth and renewal that will benefit all parts of the Commonwealth. City and town leaders look forward to working with you to build a stronger future for all communities, including using the resources in S. 2989.


Geoffrey C. Beckwith
MMA Executive Director & CEO