Would you like to participate in developing MMA positions and policies on local government issues?

Local officials are invited to fill a limited number of positions available on MMA policy committees in 2022.  Each committee has a regular schedule of meetings, usually once per month. Additionally, committee members may be asked to read legislative summaries, bill text, and/or position papers to prepare for meetings. The work each committee varies but always includes pressing legislative issues.

This year, the greatest need is for the following openings:
• Fiscal Policy Committee: councilors and managers
• Energy and the Environment Policy Committee: mayors, managers and councillors
• Municipal and Regional Administration Policy Committee: mayors
• Personnel and Labor Relations Policy Committee: councillors and mayors
• Public Works, Utilities and Transportation Policy Committee: councillors, mayors

Members who don’t fit these categories are still encouraged to apply for vacancies in presidential and technical appointments.

This form includes space to list areas of interest and expertise so that a good match can be made between volunteers and the work of the committees. Those with the interest and time to serve on a policy committee are encouraged to fill out the form below by Jan. 27, 2022.