On behalf of the cities and towns of the commonwealth, the Massachusetts Municipal Association pursues a wide variety of municipal interests at both the state and federal levels of government. The MMA is active on legislative issues, executive branch decisions, and occasionally state-level court cases.

The MMA advocacy program is based on local government policies developed by permanent and ad hoc policy committees comprised of local officials. Policies are approved by MMA members at the annual meeting held each year in January.

The MMA’s Legislative Division:

• Files a package of MMA-sponsored bills for each two-year legislative session to promote local government interests

• Analyzes and tracks bills filed with the Massachusetts Legislature that could affect local governments, and works with national affiliates, including the National League of Cities, to monitor bills before Congress

• Develops positions on bills and delivers testimony before legislative committees and executive branch agencies

• Prepares bulletins and reports for local officials on legislative and executive branch actions and involves members in advocacy activities such as committee testimony and meetings with state officials

• Participates on special commissions and other policy development groups

• Distributes Legislative Alerts to key local officials when the Massachusetts Legislature is in session, providing updates on pending matters of interest to local government

In addition, the Local Government Advisory Commission, comprising the MMA Board of Directors, meets regularly with the governor to discuss issues facing cities and towns and to pursue a strengthening of the state-local partnership.
Link to Legislature's website to find your legislators, track legislation or look up bills or state laws

MMA members: To receive the MMA’s e-mail alerts, contact the MMA by using our online form; please include “e-advocacy alerts” in the body of your message.

Title Datesort ascending
MMA testimony to Department of Public Health regarding fee structure for medical marijuana law 06/14/2013
MMA letter to Workforce and Labor Committee supporting bill to reform process for setting prevailing wage rate 06/11/2013
MMA letter to House Bonding Committee calls for quick action on Ch. 90 ‘terms bill,’ reaffirms case for $300M funding level 06/03/2013
Local-state relations in Mass. a model for nation 06/01/2013
Statement of MMA Executive Director calling for release of full $300 million in Ch. 90 funds to maintain and repair local roads 05/31/2013
MMA letter to conference committee outlining municipal priorities in FY14 state budget 05/30/2013
MMA letter to Joint Committee on Revenue supporting local-option PILOT bills 05/28/2013
MMA letter to the governor urging quick action on Ch. 90 bill and terms bill 05/23/2013
MMA letter to the Senate outlining municipal priorities in budget bill 05/21/2013
MMA letter to Committee on the Environment opposing “Public Lands Preservation Act” 05/17/2013
MMA letter to Environment Committee opposing bill to establish statewide building height limit 05/08/2013
MMA letter to Gaming Commission outlining municipal concerns regarding regulations for casino licensing 05/03/2013
Tax-exemption for bonds threatened by DC money grab 05/01/2013
MMA letter to House members outlining local priorities in FY14 state budget bill 04/22/2013
MMA testimony to DPH commissioner regarding draft regulations for implementation of medical marijuana law 04/19/2013
Statement of Local Government Leaders on the Attack at the Boston Marathon 04/16/2013
MMA letter urging senators to support transportation finance package (S. 1766) 04/12/2013
MMA letter to Revenue Committee opposing bills that would alter local taxing authority on renewable energy equipment 04/09/2013
MMA letter to the House urging support for $300M Ch. 90 bond bill 04/03/2013
MMA statement in support of the House-Senate Transportation Framework 04/02/2013
Spring thaw renews call for transportation investment 04/01/2013
MMA letter to Joint Committee on Transportation: Cities, towns support major transportation package 03/25/2013
MMA letter to DEP supporting proposal to modify municipal solid waste incinerator moratorium 03/14/2013
MMA testimony to Committee on Transportation: Cities and towns support major transportation package 03/12/2013
MMA letter to House members: Cities and towns support major transportation package 03/06/2013
State budget actions could foster stability 03/01/2013
MMA testimony to Ways and Means committees on governor’s FY14 state budget proposal 02/26/2013
MMA testimony to Department of Public Health regarding medical marijuana rules 02/26/2013
MMA letter to House members urging support of bill to protect cities, towns from further cuts 02/05/2013
Municipal priorities are where the action is 02/01/2013


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