Amherst elected its first 13-member Town Council on Nov. 6. Councillors are scheduled to be sworn into office on Dec. 2 and attend their first official meeting the following day.

Three councillors were elected townwide, and two were elected in each of five districts. All will serve a two-year term.

The newly elected councillors are:
• Shalini Bahl-Milne, District 5
• Alisa Brewer, at-large
• Patricia DeAngelis, District 2
• Darcy Dumont, District 5
• Lynn Griesemer, District 2
• Mandi Jo Hanneke, at-large
• Dorothy Pam, District 3
• Evan Ross, District 4
• George Ryan, District 3
• Cathy Schoen, District 1
• Stephen Schreiber, District 4
• Andrew Steinberg, at-large
• Sarah Swartz, District 1

Amherst voters approved a new charter on March 27 that replaces the 240-member representative Town Meeting and five-member Select Board with the Town Council. The new charter retains the town manager position, who becomes the chief executive officer.

With nearly 40,000 residents, Amherst is the 39th-largest community in Massachusetts.