Massachusetts cities and towns have until Feb. 10 to apply for the All-America Cities Award, which recognizes efforts to build equitable and resilient communities.

In June, the National Civic League will name 10 All-America cities and highlight their efforts to use inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and create stronger connections among residents, businesses and nonprofit and government leaders.

The application is available online, and the league will announce finalists in March.

“The All-America City Awards offer an opportunity for community stakeholders to come together to share and celebrate the programs and projects that make their homes great places to live,” said Award Director Rebecca Trout in a statement. “Applicants consistently note that the process leaves them feeling a sense of pride in their community and motivation to tackle the tough issues that persist.”

The challenges of the past year, particularly the COVID-19 crisis and social unrest due to racial inequality, have highlighted the need for equity and resilience, according to the National Civic League, as more equitable and resilient communities have been better equipped to address the challenges.

Applicants need to describe the strength of their civic capital — the formal and informal relationships, networks and capacities they use to make decisions and solve problems. They will also need to provide examples of community-driven projects that have helped the community become equitable and resilient.

Projects focusing on this theme include ones that promote racial healing and equity, expand the role of residents in disaster preparedness and recovery, enhance equity in the community’s COVID-19 response, reform law enforcement to improve equity, create more civic capacity through leadership or communication programs, improve mental-health and trauma systems, further educational equity, create affordable and safe housing, reduce poverty, increase job readiness and employment, focus on restorative justice, and engage the community in environmental sustainability.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit National Civic League aims to advance civic engagement to achieve thriving, equitable communities. Since 1949, the All-America City Award program has recognized 500 communities for their collaborative efforts to address pressing problems in the community. Past winners include 19 Massachusetts communities: Barnstable, the Blackstone Valley region, Boston, Chelsea, Dennis, Fall River, Fitchburg, Gardner, Haverhill, Lowell, Malden, New Bedford, Newton, North Adams, Pittsfield, Somerville, Southbridge, Springfield and Worcester.