Gov. Charlie Baker signs the BRAVE Act on Aug. 28.
Photograph by Josephine Pettigrew, Office of the Governor

Among the provisions of the BRAVE Act of 2018, signed by the governor on Aug. 9, are changes to hiring procedures for disabled veterans that prohibit an employer from requiring, requesting or accepting an applicant’s military medical record or military personnel record.

Employers are also prohibited from imposing a term or condition on an employee or applicant that would require the individual to present a military medical or personnel record.

Employers may require, request or accept an individual’s record of separation from military service, called a DD-214 form, and applicants may be required to provide military service records if they were discharged under other than honorable conditions.

The new rules do not prohibit a personnel administrator from requiring a physician’s certificate from a disabled veteran.

Municipalities are advised to take note of the new procedures for hiring and to ensure compliance with the law.

The BRAVE Act – An Act relative to veterans Benefits, Rights, Appreciation, Validation and Enforcement – grants tax exemptions, real estate credits, educational opportunities, burial expenses, court programs, medical care, paid military leave, and recognition for veterans and their families.

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