State law (M.G.L. Ch. 143, Sec. 3) requires each city and town to submit a list of its currently employed building officials to the Board of Building Regulations and Standards each year.

City and town clerks may request a record of building officials currently listed in the BBRS database by emailing, or they may complete a form available on BBRS website with the building officials currently employed by their city or town.

The forms for city and town clerks can be found at

Each city or town has only one inspector of buildings/building commissioner, who is the top level official in the department. All other inspectors, regardless of title, are defined as local inspectors according to state law.

For each of these titles, state law mandates minimum qualifications that must be met or exceeded by any individual seeking certification as a building code enforcement official. The Board of Building Regulations and Standards will not issue certification to any individual who is not able to demonstrate compliance with the minimum qualifications.

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