Boston University’s Initiative on Cities is launching a new round of MetroBridge projects in partnership with Massachusetts cities and towns for the spring 2021 semester.

MetroBridge was launched in 2018 to connect the needs of local government with the capacity of undergraduate and graduate students at the university. The program embeds real-world projects for municipalities and community organizations into courses at Boston University, enlisting students and faculty as allies in addressing tangible issues confronting the region.

MetroBridge staff assist the student-community teams with project scoping, arranging regular meetings, and ensuring effective communication and action to achieve project goals. At the end of the semester, students present their work and final deliverables.

In response to the particular challenges that municipalities have experienced and continue to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MetroBridge has developed a “menu of projects” for local consideration. Suggested project areas include ones specific to COVID; general public health; human/social services; public safety/criminal justice; environment/environmental justice; communications and community engagement; policy analysis and best practice research; local economy; education; data science; or historic preservation.

The Metrobridge website has the full menu of projects and details about past projects. To submit detailed project proposals, visit

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